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Fucus: the power of marine algae to take care of your health

Fucus vesiculosus is an alga of the northern hemisphere, distributed in the coastal areas of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and the North Sea. It is a seaweed that grows between the rocks. As a dietary supplement that can improve the recovery of muscles after physical exercise and as an accelerator of basal metabolism, i.e., the amount of energy needed to survive.


The main benefits of fucus

This alga has numerous health benefits. Of course, it is not recommended for all people, due to the high iodine content. For pregnant women, its intake is not advisable. It is also not recommended for people with thyroid disorders and hypertension, as well as for people with bleeding problems or who are going to have surgery soon.

 For all others, the benefits of fucus are very varied:

Reduces blood sugar

Fucus extract can reduce blood glucose levels. Therefore, it can be beneficial for people with diabetes.

Cardiovascular effects

This alga contains the components fucoidans, alginic acid, and laminarin that are anticoagulants. The latter can help reduce plasma cholesterol levels.

Helps hypothyroidism

Lack of iodine is the most frequent cause of hypothyroidism. In this way, the intake of this seaweed, very rich in iodine, helps to regulate it.

Help lose weight and reduce cravings

The fucus provides magnificent support for the thyroid gland that is insufficient. The iodine of the fucus can lead to weight loss or, at least, to its control. This alga is also advisable if you want to reduce the cravings you have with food since it has high mineral content. Also, it can eliminate appetite and has a satiating effect.

The fucus captures water when you consume it; this contributes to increase your stomach by five times. Even if you eat a small amount, you will get a full stomach feeling. However, this type of seaweed is not a substitute for food.

Thanks to this property to lose weight plus the benefit to increase metabolism makes weight loss easier for your body.

How to take fucus

Although fucus has numerous benefits for our health, as mentioned above, it is not recommended for everyone. Therefore, before taking this seaweed, it is advisable to ask your doctor or specialist if your health conditions will be beneficial for your body.

Fucus is not famous for its exquisite taste, and for many people, it is very difficult to swallow it. The best option for the consumption of this algae is to take it through a food supplement. In Robis, manufacturers of supplements, you can find the fucus food supplement in capsules format. Try it!

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