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Omega 3, the best help for physical performance

Omega 3 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is essential for good health. Our body obtains it through different foods, or with the intake of food supplements. These acids are precursors of substances that are involved in our nervous system, in the immune system, in the coagulation of blood or the construction of the membranes of brain cells. For example, omega 3 helps reduce triglyceride and cholesterol levels and improves memory and visual health, among other benefits.

The intake of Omega 3 is important in our daily diet. But, also, if you practice sports regularly, you should know that this acid is your great ally to improve physical performance. Take note!

5 benefits for sports people

The nutrition of athletes, as for the rest of the population, must be varied and balanced. But in your case, the need for energy is higher than that of another person who does not practice any sport, so their main source of energy is carbohydrates.

Knowing that sport is a beneficial activity for health, we must also bear in mind that the effort produces in an intense and long-lasting way. This fact has as a consequence that athletes suffer a greater risk of injury. Do you know the main beneficts 3? These five benefits:

1. Anti-inflammatory effect

Improves and prevents problems that we may suffer in our joints and ligaments.

2. Strengthens our immune system

This characteristic, together with the anti-inflammatory effect, is associated with higher performance and a reduction in fatigue.

3. Improves the efficiency of the central nervous system

Consuming a regular way of omega 3 improves the reaction time we have and our mood. Also, it reduces the anxiety that may be associated with sporting events.

4. Reduces the viscosity of the blood

This benefit of omega 3 leads to an improvement in the supply of oxygen to the musculature.

5. Increase strength

This type of fatty acids has properties for increasing strength and aerobic performance.

Where can we find omega 3?

The foods that include omega 3 are varied:

– Nuts, especially walnuts are extremely beneficial.

– Seeds, like flax or sesame.

– Fatty or bluefish, such as sardines, salmon, trout, tuna or bonito.

– Dairy products

The recommended amount of omega 3 for a person who practices a sport is two to four grams daily. In this way, your physical performance will improve.

As fish is the main source of Omega 3, athletes should take about four servings per week. Also, they have to take care of the consumption of fats, predominantly the mono-unsaturated ones like the ones that the olive oil possesses.

In Robis, manufacturers of food supplements, we suggest you try the omega 3 food supplements for athletes that we have for you in capsule format. You will notice its benefits!

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