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Organic Royal Jelly

Innovation and differentiation: why choose Robis organic Royal Jelly?

In our eagerness to offer innovative personal care products and our interest in environmental protection, we present two new models of
Royal Jelly in Robis
: REINA REAL ECODEFENSAS AND REINA REAL ECOSENIOR. ECO solutions to gain health and wellness without harming the environment. Discover our new ranges of organic royal jelly.

Robis organic Royal Jelly

Organic Royal Jelly is a new product from Robis. It is a unique product that provides important benefits for improve physical health and well-being and helps to care for the environment.

Organic royal jelly, a new healthier option to take care of your body and the environment

ECO royal jelly is formulated with royal jelly obtained from bees fed on organic farms. organic crops and organic plant extracts from organic farming. organic farming. In both cases, the plants are free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, making it a more environmentally friendly product.

In addition to contributing to reducing the body’s exposure to toxic residues, it helps to to promote sustainable farming alternativeswith a lower environmental impact.

Fresh and natural product with no added sugars

Fresh and organic royal jelly is a product that product which contains no added sugars. Manufactured by the youngest worker bees in each colony, it is secreted by their hypopharyngeal glands.

It is the food with which the queen bee feeds throughout her life and an organic food supplement that provides a concentrated concentrate of nutrients. concentrate of nutrients including B vitamins, proteins, amino acids and minerals such as iron, zinc, manganese, copper, sodium and calcium.

Balanced immune system

The new Robis Royal Queen ECO range of organic royal jelly contains sustainable products that help maintain a balanced immune system. balanced immune system and to improve the general physical condition of the organism. Contribute to improve energy levels and vitality to cope with physical and mental fatigue and tiredness.

Saving format: thirty days of treatment in a single package

The saving format of the organic royal jelly includes 30 unit doses in a single package. A solution more convenient and more economicalOnce you have it at home, you will have the necessary amount of supplementation for 30 days.

Organic extracts: Active ingredients beneficial to health

The properties of royal jelly are complemented and complemented with the properties of active ingredients obtained from crops grown in organic farming.

What are they? The propolisalso made by the bees from natural elements of organic farming. Also, two medicinal plants recognized for their contribution to strengthening the immune system and improving the body’s anti-infectious response: the thyme and echinacea.

<h2>Organic royal jelly: discover our new ORGANIC Jellies</h2>

Now that you know all that these two ORGANIC JELLIES can do for you, you will surely be eager to boost your body. On our website you will find more information about these two models of ORGANIC JELLIES, but we tell you more right now about our new line:

Royal jelly Ecodefensas (Defenses)

It is an ecological and natural product that contributes to the strengthening of the immune system. A safe and high quality food supplement to reinforce the body’s defenses and improve the protective response to viruses, bacteria and other germs. An effective aid to improve the prevention of infections and other diseases.

Organic royal jelly is enriched with organic plant extracts with properties recognized for their contribution to the optimal state of the immune system and that help prepare the body for potential infections: propolis, echinacea and thyme.. In addition, it contains an extra supply of Vitamins A, C and B12 to strengthen its health protection action.

Ecosenior Royal Jelly (Immune system for Seniors)

Specifically indicated for older adults. older adults. Organic Royal Jelly is supplemented with other ingredients: vitamins, propolis extract and botanical extracts from organic farming.

Extracts of propolis, echinacea and thyme help fight infections caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. They have anti-inflammatory properties and help to nourish the tissues. In addition, it contains vitamins A, D and B.12.

As you can see, Robis ORGANIC Royal Jelly can do a lot for you thanks to its combination with other ingredients, using all the power of nature to boost your body. Do not hesitate to take care of yourself in the most ECO way possible.

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