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What Vitamin B3 Is For

What is vitamin B3 for?

Do you know what is vitamin B3 is for? Niacinamide is a form of vitamins B3 which provides important benefits for the organism. It is present in some foods and vitamin food supplements and has an essential function in the body. Its deficit can cause major problems in health and wellness.

Discover here what is vitamin B3 for

In recent times, niacinamide or vitamin B3 has emerged as a key vitamin for beauty treatments for its skin regeneration properties, but this is only one of the many benefits it brings.

Gain energy by providing vitamin B3 to your body

The human body needs energy to function and vitamin B3 is one of the nutrients that support energy metabolism. This vitamin metabolizes carbohydrates, lipids and proteins, transforming them into the energy needed by the body, which is essential for such important matters as the normal functioning of the brain and for physical movement, among other functions.

But it is especially important when there is a high energy consumption, because the body needs a higher intake of niacinamide to avoid deficiencies. Thus, people with a high physical activity or with a demanding intellectual activity need to provide their body with a greater amount of this vitamin.

Precisely two of the consequences of vitamin B3 deficiency are exhaustion and fatigue. Therefore, in these cases it is advisable to take multivitamins that include niacinamide among their ingredients. You can find vitamin B3 of vegetable origin in the assortment of food supplements on

Benefits of vitamin B3 for cognitive function

If you are wondering what vitamin B3, among its key functions are those that have an effect on cognitive function. Niacinamide increases the cellular metabolism in the brain. In doing so, it helps the brain cells to function better.

In addition, vitamin B3 increases people’s alertness. This translates into an improvement of capabilities such as attention, concentration and memory. This is essential at any age and especially relevant in the case of the elderly, in order to avoid the appearance of absent-mindedness and cognitive deterioration due to remediable causes.

It is also key in the case of students and professionals who have a significant intellectual or mental activity. To maintain good performance, the body needs a constant supply of vitamins B3 in the right quantity.

Stronger immune system, ready to prevent infections

Another function of vitamin B3 is its ability to enhance and strengthen the immune system. This strength is crucial for the body to provide a better response to harmful external agents, effectively helping to fight infections by bacteria or viruses.

Foods and supplements with niacinamide for skin care

Vitamin B3 has a very positive effect on the skin to maintain its good condition and to combat some of the most common problems of this organ. The intake of this vitamin helps the skin to retain moisture at the cutaneous level. This is essential to improve hydration of the skin and also has a positive effect in the case of skin conditions such as eczema.

They improve the moisture and condition of the skin, the dermis, reinforcing its protective barrier, making it less vulnerable to threats such as bacteria and fungi. Moreover, conditions such as acne or some types of dermatitis are improved with the help of this vitamin, which helps to reduce inflammation and enhance cell renewal.

Reduction of hypercholesterolemia

Another benefit of niacinamide is its contribution to the reduction of the so called bad cholesterol in the blood (LDL). At the same time, it also increases the good blood cholesterol (HDL). Therefore, vitamin B3 is key to maintaining cholesterol balance and reducing hypercholesterolemia, which when left untreated has a significant negative impact and is a risk factor for other diseases.

Improved digestive function

It helps food metabolization and digestive function to take place normally and without discomfort.

Increased libido

Vitamin B3 promotes the production of sex hormones, a key aspect to increase libido and sexual desire. That is why it is convenient to take it in case of lack of appetite and sexual disinterest, both for men and women.

As you can see, vitamin B3 can be very beneficial for your body, so giving your body the necessary supply is fundamental for your good health.

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