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Manufacturers since 1983

More than 30 years of commitment to quality

Our history

Robis S.L., was founded in 1983 in Granada (Spain) with the aim of seeking people’s health through natural medicine and disease prevention through the use of medicinal plants and food supplements.

Its beginnings are linked to a philosophy of life based on respect for others as well as the surrounding environment, at a time when concerns were beginning to be raised about the benefits of natural medicine, Robis was founded in order to research and create health from a new perspective.

From the standpoint of the company, health is found in nature. For this reason, Robis is one of the pioneers in its sector working mainly in caring for people from the point of view of producing quality by nature.

Robis believes in its own manufacturing and quality as keys to distinguish itself, its more than 30 years  of experience as a manufacturers guarantee it, being the first Spanish company certified with the ISO 9001 standard. Moreover, Robis is certified in HPPCC (System of analysis of hazards and critical control points).

The company began selling in Spain, where it is important and has a wide presence, highlighting its range of royal jelly -bestseller- in that market. The years and the good work have led the firm to extend to several countries, being an important reference in some American markets, and currently having presence in more than 8 countries.

Currently the company is in a phase of expansion and development, investing in R&D as a key tool to ensure the company’s growth and future, as well as seeking a greater presence in the domestic market, and focusing on the search to expand its products to new markets.

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