Manufacturer of natural & organic food supplements and superfoods.

We are manufacturers with experience, technology, flexibility and expert knowledge of the market.

We currently have more than 120 formulas developed and implanted in the market. We are manufacturers since 1983.

We have technology and personnel to respond effectively and efficiently to the requirements of our customers.

Our central offices, laboratory, and production center are located in Granada (Spain) where we serve clients from all over the world.


  • Choice of private label of products introduced in the market and of proven success. The fastest and most economical way
    A diversity of formats: capsule, tablet, drinkable ampoule, powdered products (proteins, shakes, etc), superfoods as well as oil packaging
    Advice on the specific formulas of the client
    Development from scratch of products or product lines
    Manufacturing capacity for specific audiences: celiacs, lactose intolerant, sugar-free, vegans, vegetarians
    We have a line of complex formulas made exclusively with organic ingredients.

Our quality

Our quality and commitment are contrasted by our national and international clients, since 1983.

We have ISO 9001 certification, HACCP and European ecological certification.

If you are looking for a reliable food supplement manufacturer, do not hesitate to contact us.

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