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How To Take Care Of Your Nails

How to care for your nails: keep them shiny and strong

Do you know how to care for your nails to keep them strong and shiny? If you are looking to have them nice these measures and habits that are easy to adopt will help you achieve it. This will make them less brittle, prevent them from looking dull and avoid problems such as flaking.

How to care for your nails: top 7 tips to follow

Beautiful nails that look young and healthy contribute to a better image of yourself. In addition, when the good weather arrives and you wear sandal type shoes, your toenails are exposed, although their care is not only a beauty measure, it is also important to maintain the health of your feet.

Take care of your diet and health to take care of your fingernails and toenails

Some nail problems are caused by lack of nutrients which make them more fragile, thinner, more vulnerable and break more easily. To avoid this, it is necessary to follow a complete, healthy and balanced diet.

Food supplements are key to caring for nails, repairing their deterioration and preserving their good condition over time. Natural substances such as biotin, zinc and vitamin A and E or moringa contribute to the strengthening of nails.

You can find brewer’s yeast and other products for hair, nails and skin of the manufacturer of food supplements at Robis to take and so care for your wellbeing.

Don’t abuse acetone and nail cosmetics

Taking care of your nails is not the same as wearing them beautifully. Cosmetics and products to make them look attractive must be of the highest quality and used responsibly so that they contribute to the natural condition of the nails and don’t have the opposite effect to that desired.

So what can you do? If you use nail polish, make sure it is of high quality and manufactured under standards that guarantee the protection and maintenance of the nail structure.

Do not abuse acetone to remove nail polish, prefer an acetone-free nail polish remover nail polish remover without acetone. Keep in mind that acetone dries out, and lack of hydration deteriorates the nails. A good practice is to use moisturizers or to apply a few drops of olive oil diluted in nail polish remover or a moisturizing product on them.

Take care of the structure of your nails: avoid bad practices

Nail biting is a bad habit to banish in order to care for your nails.

You should also be extremely careful when cutting your nails: Get a proper manicure or rely on professionals. Please note that cutting or dragging the cuticles and cut the hangnails is a bad idea, as it is easy to damage the nails during these actions.

Leave nails natural periodically

Nails need oxygenation and not always have a layer on top that prevents its good condition. So if you usually wear a manicure with nail polish or permanent false nails on top, consider the importance of alternating this with other times when your nails are free, natural.

This is especially important if your nails are in urgent need of repair. Start by improving its natural state before applying make-up or hiding its bad state, since you would only be hiding and aggravating the problem.

Wear gloves to protect nails during risky activities

It may sound exaggerated to talk about washing dishes or cleaning bathrooms and kitchens as a risky situation for the good condition of the nails. However, the truth is that both are among the activities that contribute most to their worsening. This is not only because some detergents are too aggressive, but also because the prolonged contact with water soften them and make them more brittle. Furthermore, repeated small blows can cause them to deteriorate.

In these cases, the use of gloves is essential for nail care. If your nails are in contact with water or aggressive substances for a long time during your free time or because of your work, try to wear gloves to protect them.

Dry your nails well

After washing your hands, showering or bathing or if you practice water sports, drying yourself well with a soft towel is a good habit to take care of your nails.

Periodically disinfect your manicure tools

If you do a manicure at home, keep tools such as scissors or nail clippers clean. You can disinfect them before and after each use, especially if you share them with other people.

As you can see, these tips are not very complicated and can make a big difference in the appearance and strength of your nails. Don’t neglect them and you will notice the benefits!

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