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Vitamins For Hair Loss

Vitamins for hair loss: which ones help the most?

Taking vitamins for hair loss is key to solve this problem from the inside, improving the factors of the body involved in the good condition of the hair.
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What are the best vitamins for hair loss?

Vitamin A or retinol to prevent hair loss

Among the vitamins against hair loss, vitamin A stands out. It helps to hydration of the scalp by regulating the production of sebum and contributes to the optimal growth and development of hair follicles. It is a key vitamin to keep hair in good condition as it contributes to its strengthening and growth.

So in addition to preventing excessive hair loss, it helps hair to look healthier, fuller and more beautiful.

It is difficult to obtain a large amount of this vitamin in a healthy diet because the foods richest in it are very fatty, such as foie. However, foods such as carrots or green leafy vegetables contribute interesting amounts. But you can always improve the bearing with food supplements.

Vitamin B8 or biotin against hair loss

The best known of the anti-hair loss vitamins is biotin, which is none other than the vitamin B8. The reason is that it is essential for the cell multiplication. Hair needs it to grow. In the absence of this deficiency, the hair becomes more fragile, which results in more hair loss.

At times of stress, it is common that one of the consequences of this condition is increased hair loss. Also a reduction and worsening of the intestinal microbiota. The two issues are related, since from the intestinal microbiota is where the body obtains most of its biotin. Deficiency due to stress results in increased hair loss, worsening its strength and density, so that taking vitamin B8 helps to slow down hair loss.

To provide it through the diet you can include in it oats and whole wheat. It is also present in eggs, almonds and hazelnuts. In times when you need an extra contribution, resorting to supplements is a good decision.

Vitamin B12 against hair loss

Another of the vitamins to prevent hair loss is the vitamin B12. When the organism is deficient in B12 one of the first visible symptoms is hair loss, dryness and weakening. As a curiosity, it can also cause an increased appearance of gray hair.

The importance of vitamin B12 for the hair lies in its involvement in the essential function of metabolizing amino acids. These are basic and essential components for the hair!

The foods richest in vitamin B12 are meat, fish, milk and eggs. It is not found naturally in any vegetables, fruits or cereals. That’s why it is common for vegan diets to be deficient in it and to resort to food supplements.

Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine to slow hair loss

Its presence in the right amount in the body is key to prevent hair loss, as it intervenes in the optimal nutrition of the hair follicles. It also influences their appearance because produces melanin which provides color. Therefore, its deficiency leads to both increased hair loss and the appearance of gray hair.

Include in the regular diet tuna, salmon, bananas, chicken and pork, as well as fish help you to provide your body with the necessary amount.

Niacin or vitamin B3 in the prevention of hair loss

Vitamin B3 is involved in the metabolism of keratin proteins, an essential component of hair. It also helps the scalp to be hydrated by strengthening the skin barrier which helps to reduce hair loss.

The peanuts, tuna, chicken and lamb are foods rich in are foods rich in vitamin B3.

Vitamin D, key to prevent hair loss

One of the consequences of vitamin D deficiency is hair loss. This vitamin is involved in its texture and growth.

Obtaining vitamin D through food is very difficult. The body synthesizes it in the sun exposure. That is why, when you can’t sunbathe and in countries with few hours of sunlight, it is common to have a deficit and it is necessary to solve it through the food supplements.

As you can see, there are many vitamins that are involved in maintaining a well-groomed and beautiful hair, so it is important to maintaining a healthy and balanced diet and giving our body the vitamins it lacks through food supplements is key to keeping us in good condition.

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