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In Autumn, Hair Falls Out More

In autumn, hair falls out more: why?

It is very likely that year after year you have noticed that hair falls out more in autumn. It is not something that happens only to you, it is generalized and has an explanation. Well, actually it has several because, although there is one main reason why hair loss is higher in autumn, there are other factors that can increase hair loss after the summer.

Knowing all this will help you to know what you can do in the fall to protect your hair y minimize hair loss.

Seasonal hair loss: why more hair falls out in autumn

There are two seasons in the year when hair is renewed. One is spring, the other winter. At this time of the year, people lose more hair because of seasonal changes and the natural telogen effluvium that a good part of living beings with hair suffer in these seasonal periods.

You may not be familiar with the term, but it refers to hair loss when it is not permanent, but occurs for more than six months in a row. In that fall, the environmental factors such as changes in natural light that occur at the spring and spring and autumn equinoxes are increased. That is why more hair falls out in autumn and also in spring, but the loss is much less during summer and winter.

The scientific explanation for this is very simple and there is nothing mystical about it. The changes in natural light affect hormone production and alter the growth and renewal rhythms of the hair.

In autumn, the gradual gradual reduction of daylight hours favors the hair loss and the difference compared to other times of the year is significant: it can be more than three times higher. That’s why you have this perception of losing more hair, it’s not a subjective impression of yours, it’s that you are actually losing more hair.

Other factors that cause more hair loss in autumn: the excesses of summer take their toll in autumn

Although telogen effluvium is the main reason why more hair falls out in autumn, it is not the only reason. Some actions and factors that have taken place in summer cause hair loss to increase in autumn.

One of them is the sun. The prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays negatively affects the hair.

If you have let the sun shine on your hair for a prolonged period of time during the summer and have not used any protection or moisturized it, it is very likely that your hair is affected. It may have been burnedwill most likely be dehydrated dehydrated and its fragility will be higher at the end of the summer than at the beginning of the season. In practice, this means that the first weeks of autumn you lose more hair.

If you have also spent many hours in the pool or in the sea (or both) this also has an influence, because both chlorine and saltpetre negatively affect the condition of your hair. both chlorine and saltpetre have a negative effect on the condition of your hair.

Stress and hair loss in autumn

Another factor that influences hair loss throughout the year and can increase hair loss in the fall is is stress.

Getting back to the routine after the summer vacations is stressful for many people. The stress influences sleep and poor quality sleep influences hormone production which, among other things, affects the health of the hair. Protecting yourself from stress helps you protect your hair.

Food and dietary supplements to cope with autumn hair loss

You cannot influence seasonal light changes and, once summer is over, you can no longer take preventive measures to protect your hair from the sun, saltpeter and chlorine. But you can still take steps to minimize hair loss in autumn and that the loss is not large and does not extend over time.

The food and food supplements help you take care of your hair. You need to follow a healthy and balanced diet with the adequate protein intake and rich in vitamins A, B, C and E.

As far as food supplements are concerned, brewer’s yeastmelatoninvitamins B, C and D, as well as as well as zinc and iron are very effective. Also
spirulina helps
reduce hair loss in autumn. You can find these and other products from manufacturer of food supplements Robis we take care of your hair!

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