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Preventing Premature Skin Aging

How to prevent premature skin aging?

Do you want to prevent premature skin aging? There are simple steps you can take in your day-to-day operations to care for your skin and maintain a youthful and vital appearance you want. Acting against the causes of premature aging will keep your skin firm, hydrated, smooth and with the uniform tone of a young person for longer.

How to prevent premature skin aging?

Stimulates your body’s collagen production to act against premature skin aging

Collagen is essential for keeping the body young: joints, skin… In this sense, collagen helps to maintain skin firmness and not only that of the face. It also improves skin elasticity and contributes to improve skin hydration.

Taking hydrolyzed
Hydrolyzed provides collagen to your body and stimulates the natural production of this key element to prevent premature aging of the skin. skin aging.

Provides your body with vitamins to fight free radicals that accelerate cellular aging

Free radicals accelerate cellular oxidation and are the biggest culprits in premature skin aging. Antioxidants are the solution to neutralize free radicals.

And who are the antioxidants? They are natural substances such as vitamins E, C and A as well as lycopene, selenium, lutein, essential fatty acids and beta-carotene among others. These substances are naturally occurring in some foods and can be found in a higher proportion and concentration in some foods. food supplements.

Combining a healthy and balanced diet rich in antioxidants with food supplements to supplement their intake is a good decision to prevent and combat premature skin aging. is a good decision to prevent and combat premature aging of the skin.

Regarding the diet, try to include in your regular diet citrus fruits, berries, oily fish, seeds or nuts in the right amount for your needs.

As for food supplements, assess the suitability of taking multivitamin supplements. multivitamin supplements, brewer’s yeast or omega 3 essential fatty acids. You can find these and others food supplements at to prevent premature aging of the skin such as LevaVida, Royal Queen Woman o Q10 Forte. It is a good decision to consult with your doctor about the most appropriate one for you.

Protect your skin from the sun properly to prevent early aging of the skin

The ultraviolet radiation or UV rays from the sun are great enemies and one of the main causes of skin aging, affecting mainly the skin, but also areas of body skin exposed to the sun.

Sunbathing dries out the skin, resulting in loss of elasticity and structure. loss of elasticity and structure. In addition, you can cause premature staining causing the loss of a unified tone.

The first way to avoid these problems is to protect the skin from the sun. Currently, most of the day creams and sunscreen creams for a healthy tan for a healthy tan have UV filters UV filters. Check that you are using the right one for your skin type.

You can also protect your skin from the sun with light clothing, sunglasses or a hat. But remember that, although it may not seem like it, the sun can also cause skin damage in winter. For this reason, the use of day creams with UV filters is recommended. all year round to prevent premature facial aging.

Keep your skin hydrated all year round to prevent premature skin aging.

The hydration is essential to to keep the skin young and healthy. Dryness affects its structure, contributes to skin sagging and accelerates the appearance of wrinkles and expression marks on the face.

External skin hydration involves the use of specific specific creams to treat this problem on the face and body. Also to avoid the abuse of prolonged baths in very hot water.

The internal hydration is to drink the right amount of water water your body needs and including fresh fruits and fresh fruits and vegetables in your regular diet. And try to reduce your sugar intake.

Good lifestyle habits that help prevent premature skin aging

Adopting good lifestyle habits also helps to slow down skin aging. Avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption as they dry out your skin. Try to sleep eight hours a day. As far as your physical condition allows, practice sports and take measures to avoid living stress-free and with peace of mind.

Also, if you wear make-up, cleanse your face perfectly every night so that it breathes, so you will be able to have a glowing, youthful and nourished skin for much longer.

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