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Carmen Ma Jiménez Navarro is the Pharmaceutical Technical Director of ROBIS S.L. manufacturer of Food Supplements.


Degree in pharmacy from the University of Granada.

He worked in the Department of Pharmacology of the Faculty of Pharmacy, developing techniques for the recognition and control of phytotherapeutic preparations through a scholarship from the Company-University Foundation.



  • 2013- Master’s degree in food safety and quality management systems
  • 1983-Degree in Pharmacy from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Granada



  • Current: Pharmaceutical Technical Director at Robis, S.L. since 1988
  • 1987 Applied Analytical Chemistry, Zaidín Experimental Station, CSIC
  • 1986 SAS Primary Care Pharmaceuticals
  • 1983 Pharmacy Service, Hospital Santa María del Rosell.



Attendance at numerous courses, congresses, and symposiums at national and international level, of which stand out:

  • Phytotherapy Congress organized by SEFIT and CIAF (2020, Oviedo online).
  • Prevention of personal and on-the-job risks against COVID-19 (2020, online).
  • Collaboration of Honor in the program of Protected Practices of the degree of human nutrition and dietetics (2018/2019, University of Granada).
  • Dietetics and Nutrition Course taught by the Institute of Comprehensive Training (2007)
  • Course of risk analysis and control of critical points (2000 Andalusian School of Public Health).
  • Biotechnology Day applied to the agri-food industries (2003 Abbot & Institute of Biotechnology of the University of Granada).
  • ISO 9001 quality management system and Audit of a quality assurance system (1994 Quality Institute).
  • Atomic absorption spectrometry (1987 CSIC).
  • Course in dermatology and cosmetics (1985 University of Granada).
  • Pharmaceutical Technology Day (Universidad San Pablo CEU de Madrid)
  • ISO 9000 Auditors Training (1994 Bureau Veritas).
  • Pharmaceutical Care Course in Nutrition (2009 Illustrious School of Pharmacists of Granada).
carmen jimenez ROBIS SL

Degree in pharmacy from the University of Granada.

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