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Manufacturers since 1983

Founded in 1983, Robis emerged in the pursuit of a healthier life, environmentally conscious, with animals and healthy eating, its founders began the journey for their own consumption, trying to extract all the properties that nature offered. Seeing in this new form of supplementation a reflection of what natural medicine had been defending for centuries, Robis decided to establish the laboratories in the province of Granada, where it is still manufactured and distributed today.

To obtain all the benefits that natural foods offer us, there are times when they must be processed to extract all their properties. That is why Robis, respecting the product, works every day to offer the best products.

How does Robis understand Corporate Social Responsibility?

As the possibility of collaborating with society, listening to it and interacting in a responsible and committed way. In our eagerness to make the world we live in a little better, we collaborate with foundations and NGOs to break the circle of poverty that millions of people around the world suffer.

Some of the entities with which we work:


The United Nations Children’s Fund has been working for the rights of children for 70 years, helps children live a healthy life, close to their education and away from violence and exploitation and carries out an activity Constant and diffused for the awareness of society.


A development NGO working in the process of transforming one of the most needy areas of India, is based on the philosophy of action. Respectful of the environment, promoters of transformation and committed to the rural community of Anantapur, the Ferrer family with its headquarters in India and Spain continues to work to raise awareness and awareness of the need to further transform rural areas living in extreme poverty in India.


Established as a Spanish Federation of Food Banks in 1996, operates as a non-profit association distributed throughout Spain. It works in pursuit of two objectives: solving hunger and combating waste, fostering solidarity and spreading the values ​​needed to try to provide the basic food we should all have. At his headquarters in Granada, with which Robis collaborates, he works every day to look after the nearest environment.


The National Federation of Associations to Fight Kidney Diseases works to improve the quality of life of chronic kidney patients, while promoting prevention and research of the disease as well as awareness of the importance of transplants.


Our values

But we not only try to collaborate with people in social exclusion, but we work to generate and maintain efficient and responsible relationships with our stakeholders. These relationships are based on values ​​such as:

Experience: As the engine capable of fueling our present and responsible performance of our firm, committed and determined step in the natural medicine sector.

Quality: As guarantor and enhancer of the search for efficiency in each of our processes.

Respect for nature: Taking care of the raw materials and trying to respect their properties to the maximum in order to offer a responsible product with nature and consistent with our philosophy.

The client and his/her health: Listening to the client’s needs and working together with other stakeholders to offer them all the benefits that nature brings us.


In addition, under the need we care about everyone to care for the planet, we work with ecological product lines to offer the consumer the best product.

CAAE leads the certified hectare sector (1,047,000) as the leading entity in Europe. The European Regulation 834/2007 undermines and guarantees the integrity and authenticity of our raw materials from Ecological Agriculture in Europe. We continue to evolve and learn from what nature teaches us every day so we continue to work on offering products free of synthetic chemicals or GMOs.

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