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Robis, our social work with the Food Bank Foundation of Granada

Listening to society, understanding and interacting in a responsible and committed way is one of the purposes that Robis has from its origin. Thinking about global and local action is one of the keys of the moment we live, hence our wonderful and committed relationship with the Food Bank of Granada. We tell you what its role in Granada is as part of that awareness that we believe to be essential.

What is the mission of the Food Bank of Granada?

The mission can be: contribute to alleviate hunger through the collection and distribution of food, combating food waste and contributing to the protection of the environment.

All this in the general framework of its essential value: establishing a bond of trust with society based on the development of solidarity. What entails a commitment of constant promotion through the gratuity, so much for the reception as for the distribution of the foods; fair and equitable distribution of these between legally recognized Associations that help the most disadvantaged; clean and transparent administration, and active and conscientious presence throughout the provincial surface.

Collaboration with the Granada Food Bank Foundation

  1. Fight against food waste.
  2. Recovery of food from producers, distributors and individuals who want to give away free of charge to the Foundation.
  3. Free distribution and distribution to Associations or Institutions that directly or indirectly, distribute or distribute them to people in need to alleviate their food needs.
  4. Care and preservation of the environment, avoiding that food products entering the non-consumable food phase will go to landfill.
  5. Extension of training actions to collectives to bring them the knowledge of this reality.


More information about the Corporate Social Responsability of Robis

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