How To Fight Bacteria Naturally: Basic Tips

How to fight bacteria naturally: basic tips

In recent years, the WHO, together with other health authorities and experts, are warning of the resistance of some bacteria due to antibiotic abuse. Fighting bacteria naturally is possible and a good way to prevent them from becoming more resistant.…

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Probiotics: What Are They For?

Probiotics: what are they for?

Probiotics are living organisms beneficial to health that live in our body. These bacteria and microorganisms are part of our body in a natural way, and it is convenient to take the appropriate measures to favor their presence in it.…

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Food Supplements For Children In Growing Ages

Food supplements for children in growing ages

As you know, vitamins are essential for the proper functioning of the body, particulary during the stages of growth our children experiment throughout their childhood. They need thousands of chemical reactions for their cells to develop normally and, for that, vitamins are…

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What Is Organic Maca For?

What is organic maca for?

If you have heard about it, you may be asking "what is organic maca for?" Maca is a herbaceous plant native from the Andes region, located between Peru and Bolivia. Being cultivated both for its nutritional properties and its properties…

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What Is Brewer’s Yeast Good For?

What is brewer’s yeast good for?

Brewer's yeast is a protein-rich seasoning that is very useful for those times when we eat worse due to the rush and in which our diet is deficient in protein foods. It is a product obtained from the fermentation of…

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