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Why and how not to neglect our urinary wellbeing

Urinary wellness is key to people’s quality of life. The urinary system filters the blood from the body and the urinary tract is responsible for draining urine to the exterior, thus eliminating toxins and liquids. It is a vital process and for both health and well-being it is important to ensure that it passes without discomfort.

Cystitis or urinary tract infection and difficulty urinating in older adult men with prostate problems are the main culprits of prostate discomfort. The good habits to take care of the urinary system contribute to its protection and help to avoid problems and discomfort that reduce the person’s quality of life.

How to take care of our urinary well-being

Taking care of the urinary system is key to keeping the organism free of toxins and to avoid discomfort such as itching when urinating. Let’s see what we can do to keep it healthy.

Follow a healthy diet rich in fiber to take care of urinary wellness

Nutrition is key to take care of kidney, bladder and urinary tract health. A healthy diet, low in toxins and rich in fiber, favors the protection of the urinary system.

Avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption

In this way your kidneys will have to work less to eliminate toxins. This will keep them in good condition for a longer period of time, avoiding discomfort and preventing future problems.

Frequent urination

You may find it curious, but frequent urination contributes to optimal urinary well-being. Holding the urge to urinate for a long time can be harmful. Often this habit causes a abnormal widening of the bladder which may affect its normal function. It can also favor the appearance of kidney stones and infections.

Combats constipation

In addition to following a diet rich in fiber, consider whether you need a food supplement to help you go to the bathroom frequently and easily. You can find the help you need in the food supplements at

Do not stay with moisture in the genital area

Go to wet underwear or spending time with wet swimsuits on is a bad habit that can lead to cystitis and other urinary tract infections.

Careful hygiene of the genital area to reduce the risk of cystitis

After urinating, dry the area. Maintain a good hygiene is key to prevent urine residues from accumulating and potentially causing urinary tract infections or other problems. Avoid the use of soaps that may alter the normal pH of the area.

Maintain a healthy body weight to take care of urinary wellness

Being overweight makes the kidneys work harder to filter waste from the body. In addition, excessive body weight contributes to an increased likelihood of hypertension, which is another risk factor for the kidneys.

Wear breathable underwear

Fabrics such as cotton help keep the outer area dry and prevent chafing that can lead to wounds that may later come into contact with urine.

Acidifying urine helps to avoid urinary discomfort

Controlled acidification of the urine helps to create a context in which the bacteria are not as comfortable to develop. Therefore, as long as it is not excessively acidified, it helps to prevent urinary tract infections and to maintain urinary well-being.

Consumption of cranberries, vitamin C-rich supplements and regular intake of probiotics helps prevent cystitis.

Do not self-medicate or abuse antibiotics

Self-medicating can cause the kidneys to become overloaded. Preventing them from overworking is essential to maintain urinary wellness. In addition, the antibiotics for cystitis can cause the bacteria to become resistant, making it increasingly difficult to kill them. That is why it is important that you follow your doctor’s instructions in detail regarding the dosage and timing of antibiotics. It is convenient to take a culture in case of urinary infections, in order to take the indicated antibiotic.

Drink water frequently

A healthy adult person can drink between one and a half and two liters of water per day. This helps you urinate and makes the urine less concentrated. Also, the consumption of herbal teas is a good idea if you don’t feel like drinking water, as they help you stay hydrated, especially in winter.

By following these keys we are sure that you will not have discomfort and will maintain a healthy urinary system.

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