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Vitis Vinifera

Vitis vinifera: the power of the vine in food supplements

The red vine is a plant widely studied for its properties and benefits for health and the good condition of the body. Its beneficial elements are present in different parts of the plant such as the oil of its seeds, leaves and fruits, so today we want to present you the benefits of the plant Vitis vinifera L.

Not all are parts of the vine that are consumed through food. That is why the way to take advantage of their properties and provide the body with the right concentration of them is through food supplements. You can find some of these food supplements at

But what are its properties? What nutrients and benefits does it provide? Why is it so interesting from the point of view of health and protection of the organism? Let’s take a look at it.

Vitis vinifera L.: know its advantages

The nutritional richness of Vitis vinifera L.: where does the power of the red vine come from?

The natural presence of a significant amount of tannins, flavonoids, antioxidants, resveratrol and anthocyanosides in Vitis vinifera L. is impressive. It is a plant rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, minerals, catechins, phenolic acids and unsaturated fatty acids.

It is these nutrients and their action in the body that provide health and wellness benefits.

Supplements of Vitis vinifera L. to improve venous insufficiency

The ability of Vitis vinifera to improve blood circulation and alleviate the symptoms of venous insufficiency has been recognized in several studies. It makes it a medicinal plant present in food supplements to improve venous return from the legs to the heart, helping to prevent partial obstruction of the veins and the discomfort associated with this problem.

How does it act on the organism to achieve improvements in this regard?

  • It prevents the degradation of elastin and collagen and helps to improve the flexibility of veins and arteries , contributing to prevent their hardening.
  • Contributes to the toning of veins and capillaries for their better condition.
  • Reduces high LDL cholesterol levels and helps to slow arterial hardening.
  • It favors the contraction process of muscle cells present in veins, arteries and capillaries, key for optimal blood movement and proper venous return.
  • Its richness in resveratrol reduces blood clotting and improves the expansion of blood vessels for better circulation.

Relief of discomfort due to poor blood circulation

Natural substances present in Vitis vinifera L. contribute to relieve the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids, tired legs or venous insufficiency. And they do so in two ways.

On the one hand, by improving blood circulation, these discomforts are reduced.

On the other hand, thanks to their anti-inflammatory, depurative and antioxidant properties, they help to alleviate bothersome symptoms. It helps tired and heavy legs feel lighter and more rested, helps to reduce swelling of hemorrhoids, relieves itching and tingling in the legs.

Red vine in dietary supplements to care for eyesight

Due to the richness in vitamin A, anthocyanosides and tannins of this medicinal plant, Vitis vinifera L. supplements help to protect the organs of vision. Due to its richness in resveratrol, vitamins and flavonoids, it contributes to the optimal condition of the retina and helps prevent macular degeneration.

Anti-inflammatory and depurative properties of Vitis vinifera L.

How do red vine supplements help in this regard? Contributing to the reduction of inflammation of hemorrhoids, swollen legs and muscular inflammations that cause discomfort, especially among those suffering from arthritis, arthrosis and rheumatic conditions.

Controlling body weight and volume with red vine supplements

Among the best known properties of Vitis vinifera L. in medicine is its contribution to prevent fluid retention in the body. This helps to control body weight and volume, so important in healthy weight loss processes and to alleviate discomforts such as tired legs and swollen ankles.

Better collagen stabilization with the help of the elements naturally present in Vitis vinifera L.

Another organ that can benefit from the properties of Vitis vinifera is the skin, mainly thanks to its richness in tannins. These polyphenol compounds improve the stabilization of collagen, which is the key to better elasticity, firmer, smoother and tighter skin.

Collagen is also essential for strong, healthy joints and to allow them to function normally without discomfort.

Now that you know the power of the vine, consult your doctor about the suitability of Vitis vinifera L. according to your health condition. Watch out for Robis!

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