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Jalea Real Royal Jelly

Natural food supplements for sport people and athletes: discover the health properties of the royal jelly

The bee’s offspring feeds on jelly during its first days of life. The queen bee consumes royal jelly throughout its life.

Royal Jelly is rich in B group vitamins such as B5 or pantothenic acid. Also antioxidant vitamins like A, C and E. It’s rich in minerals, proteins and bioactive substances.

Healthy properties of the royal jelly

Royal jelly provides energy and vitality and, therefore, has been used as an invigorating and stimulating, rebalancing the nervous system and improving concentration and mood. It also increases resistance to fatigue, stimulates the appetite and the immune system, reinforcing the body’s defenses. Therefore, royal jelly for athletes is highly recommended, since they are in a state of continuous physical and mental effort.

Athletes, here you have the best natural supplement

Stimulates the metabolism

The process of our organism of absorption and transformation of the foods that we consume in calories would be simplified, which contributes to the contribution of energy. An effective metabolism is able to burn calories faster and, in this way, you can lose weight. This fact is especially important for athletes, because each competition needs a specific physical state.

Improves muscle fatigue

To combat the muscular fatigue that can be caused by training and competitions of the type of sport you practice, daily royal jelly drinks are the best option you can choose. Some studies have shown that in this food supplement there is a strong energy stimulant in humans and animals.

Good for the immune system

A natural way to maintain high defenses is by drinking royal jelly. Even if you are not a person who practices sports, keeping the immune system strong and healthy is essential to lead a healthy life. Its high content of minerals is what provides the increase of our defenses. The royal jelly for athletes is recommended in the previous time of the competitions.

Mental balance

Intelligence also makes sense in sports; not only strength, endurance and skill are necessary sports characteristics. Sports people need to control their body and this happens first in the brain. Thus, stimulation in the proper functioning of the mind is essential to achieve benefits in the performance of physical exercise.


Over the years, our body’s capabilities are lost. Royal jelly helps delay that body’s wear, because it is a natural antioxidant. In this way, you can be more active in sports. In addition, this food supplement optimizes the body, given the strong demand for energy due to constant physical exercise.

At Robis we are specialists in supplements and natural food supplements. In this case, we offer different options to consume royal jelly: through ampoules or capsules. Try now the multiple benefits of royal jelly!

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