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Jalea Real Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly: immune support during autumn

Autumn has been slow to reach our country but it is already here, and although the high temperatures continue, they will not last all year. With autumnal time the organism must adapt to the change and the descent of general degrees. At this time the defenses also tend to fall, and this contributes to an increased risk of contracting a disease. Therefore, to avoid it, we can resort to royal jelly, the food that will help us to strengthen our health.


Royal Jelly properties

Royal jelly is a substance that secretes bees and serves the larvae to feed in a complete way. Then it will be the food of the larva that will become queen and throughout its life will be its food sustenance.

Discover its main properties:

  1. It has a multitude of nutrients and is therefore used as food in different formats or natural supplement for our body.
  2. 60-70% of it consists of water, a fundamental element for life.
  3. It has carbohydrates, which makes it a food with a high energy content.
  4. It is composed of high doses of vitamins and antioxidants.


Benefits of Royal Jelly for our Health

Royal jelly is a substance that provides us with many benefits and that can be the perfect natural aid to prevent and cope with the colds and congestions typical of the cold months.

Antiseptic and antimicrobial action

The antiseptic and antimicrobial action of royal jelly helps our defenses and makes faster the spread of white blood cells. Therefore, the taking of royal jelly is recommended in periods of influenza epidemics and in groups of people at risk. However, this food is also beneficial for people of any age who need an extra daily energy.

Strengthens the immune system

It is a food that helps the proper functioning of our body. It benefits our health thanks to its source of antioxidants. Above all, in times when we need to strengthen our defenses, as in autumn. Thus, one of the main functions of royal jelly is to strengthen the immune system of our body.

Reduces cholesterol levels

In addition to improving some diseases, it is also known that royal jelly is a food that can help reduce cholesterol levels.


JRoyal Jelly: recommended food supplements

It is important to know that royal jelly is a fantastic food to consume daily in small doses so that its effects are noticed in our health and can improve it. Its consumption is good to face the effects of the changes of time with the passage of the stations.

In Robis, we are manufacturers of royal jelly since 1983, we have at your disposal numerous products that contain it. Learn about our range of Royal Jelly, with the highest 10-HDA content, highest quality, and best flavor.

Today we want to highlight the two products that we recommend you to successfully overcome autumn and, above all, enjoy it while protecting your health:

Reina Real Defenses: you must take one ampoule a day in fasting, alone, with water or juice during monthly cycles.

Reina Forte BIO, our organic Royal Jelly in capsules: with a daily capsule intake with a glass of water will be enough for your defenses to be fortified this fall.

NOTE: Supplements should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet. People who are allergic to products derived from bees should not consume these products.

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