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Natural food supplements for vegans and vegetarians

In recent years, the number of people who have decided to bet on a vegetarian or vegan diet has been increasing. The vegetarian does not consume meat of animals and the vegan animal product of animal origin. The point is that, although vegetables are very important for our body, the truth is that those who carry this type of food, could suffer malnutrition. That is, they could not get enough food sulfur. In addition, eliminating from the vegetarian diet all foods of animal origin can lead to “serious deficiencies”, since there are nutrients that are not possible to obtain through plant foods.

Thus, it is important to take vitamin supplements that overcome these deficiencies when the basis of food is vegetable. Fortunately, today there are manufacturers of organic products that offer a wide variety of food supplements. Let’s see what vitamins and nutrients you need to keep in mind for your body to function properly and you can take a vegetable-based diet without risking your health.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is critical for carrying out a wide variety of vital functions, such as energy production, DNA synthesis, red blood cell creation and reproductive health. If the body lacks it, the person will feel weak and fatigued, and may suffer a decrease in their brain function and megaloblastic anemia. It can be obtained through foods such as nori algae or fermented soybeans, but if not taken frequently, you should resort to a vitamin B12 supplement.

Vitamina D3

Vitamin D participates in the biochemical processes of all the cells and tissues of the body. But it also helps prevent chronic diseases. The point is that even most people who carry a food that includes all kinds of food has deficiencies of this vitamin. All this makes supplementation necessary, especially vitamin D3.

Omega-3 DHA

Docohexaenoic acid is an essential Omega-3 fat containing marine animals. Fundamental to the good functioning of the brain and to our heart health. In this sense, krill oil is a good alternative, since its antioxidant power is 48 times greater than fish oil.


Sulfur derives above all from high quality fish, cattle and birds. If this type of food is not included in the vegetarian diet, we will be at high risk for a deficit of sulfur and therefore related health problems, such as problems of joints, bones, metabolic processes and connective tissues, as well as high vulnerability to cardiovascular diseases. To obtain the necessary sulfur, you can resort to coconut oil and olive oil. But there are also vegetable foods that contain it like onions, garlic, wheat germ, Brussels sprouts, kale and asparagus.


Iron can be found in both animal and vegetable foods, but in each of them is different. Hemo-iron is found only in the flesh, especially in red meat and “non-heme” is found in plants, but is absorbed to a lesser extent by the body, since heme-iron helps the absorption of iron “no heme” of the plants. Thus, those who eat a vegetarian or vegan diet are at increased risk of anemia.


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