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Organic Food Supplements

Food supplements, organic label

The importance of the organic food supplements regulation has become a matter of vital importance due to the increase in consumption that this type of products is experiencing.

This labeling offers guarantees that the organic food supplement really complies with the legality, quality and production processes that make it a healthy and natural ecological food supplement, with all the benefits that this entails, while at the same time enhancing the transparency of products and consumer confidence.

The European Union, therefore, uses a logo which is mandatory from July 2010 on all pre-packaged organic foods produced in its territory, and its use is restricted to products which contain only or almost contain organic ingredients.

To recognize organic food supplements on the market, all packaged units, in addition to their own brand, have a numbered label (or back label) and a logo with the name or code of the certifying body. All contain as a common element “Organic farming”. Other terms that can be included in the labeling and which define this type of products are “eco”, “ecological”, “bio”, “biological” or “organic”.

The code will have the following format: the initials ES, indicating that the product is certified in Spain; the initials AN, in this case because the product comes from Andalusia(region of Spain), but varies according to the community; followed by 2 digits that are the identity of the certifying body and ends with the acronym AE, of Ecological Agriculture. So the final code looks like this: ES – AN – “XX”.

Here is an example of a label with the information and code that appears on our Desmodium Complex BIO product. Take note!

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