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Tips For Exercising In Summer

Tips for Exercising during Summer: Aspects to Consider

Exercising in summer might put your health at risk, and it is necessary to take measures in order to avoid it. The sun and, above all, the heat, can push your body to the limit when you try to get the most out of your summer exercises. The following tips for exercising during summer will help you out!

Tips for Exercising during Summer: What to Take into Account

Temperature, Schedules, and Dehydration: Aspects to Take into Account when Exercising during Summer

Among the major risks of Exercising during Summer, we can find heat strokes and dehydration. When doing sport, the body temperature rises, and if the summer ambient temperature is already high, the risk of having a serious problem becomes higher. As you sweat more in the heat, it is also easier to become dehydrated in summer than when practising the same sport at the same pace at other times of the year.

To avoid these problems, we can do the following: know when to train and how to hydrate ourselves properly.

It is essential to avoid the hottest hours of the day. One of the best tips for exercising during Summer is to do sport early in the morning, when the ambient temperature is cooler.

If this is not possible, choose an hour a bit late in the day. That said, if you do sport outdoors and in an urban environment, the asphalt and buildings will still retain some of the heat accumulated during the day.

Another good tip for exercising during summer is to provide your body with the hydration it needs. This does not only mean drinking water alone. Keep in mind that your body also loses mineral salts through sweat. That’s why you need to drink water with electrolytes.

And what are electrolytes? These are minerals present in our blood and other electrically charged body fluids. This is the case of calcium, phosphorus, potassium, or sodium. It is also good to take collagen and magnesium for athletes. Drinking water with food supplements containing these minerals is a natural way to hydrate yourself. You can find food supplements at Robis with these nutrients. The ideal is to keep hydrated before, during, and after sports practice.

Sunny or Shady Places, Indoors or Outdoors, Issues to Consider when Exercising during Summer

Among the best tips for exercising during summer, one of the most important ones is to protect yourself from the sun. To do so, you must decide whether you should train indoors or outdoors. If you practice a sport that must be performed outdoors, or if you do not have an indoor area prepared for your exercises, try to choose a shady one.

Remember that it is essential to apply a suitable, sweat-resistant sunscreen. Don’t be overconfident on cloudy days, because you could still get burned.

Choose Comfortable, Breathable, and Anti-Chafing Clothing for Exercising during Summer

The choice of footwear and sportswear is key to your comfort and to avoid problems and other inconveniences. That is why we are now highlighting how this personal equipment should be when exercising during summer:

  • Breathable garments that do not retain moisture from perspiration or increase body temperature.
  • Clothes made of cool, lightweight fabrics that are light in weight and help maintain a healthy body temperature.
  • Comfortable footwear and clothes that do not cause chafing, since with the heat and sweat they could become more uncomfortable and even cause open wounds.

Take Care of Your Diet if You Do Sport in Summer

Never do sport after heavy meals. A healthy and balanced diet is recommended all year round. In summer, it is in your best interest to increase your consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables to keep your body hydrated.

However, if you have less appetite because of the heat, be aware of how this affects the nutrients you provide to your body. You don’t want to suffer from nutritional deficits or deficiencies. So, assess whether you should provide food supplements to your body to complete your diet.

If in doubt, the right way to go is always to ask your doctor.

After Turning 40, Get Checked and Follow the Advice of a Sports Doctor to Train This Summer

The heat and dryness of the environment pose a greater risk when practising sports in summer. If you are demanding when training, and you always try to make great efforts, it is not difficult to be at your limit or even exceed it without you realising it.

To avoid these problems and risks, it is advisable to undergo annual stress tests to check your body’s resistance and capacity. Sports medicine helps professionals and amateurs to train in a healthy way, protecting their health and integrity.

In our case, we can only offer you the best tips to keep yourself in good physical shape. If you want to know them all first-hand, we encourage you to follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter.

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