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Royal jelly for children, an ideal reinforcement for their growth

Due to seasonal changes, the beginning of the nursery, school or institute, in addition to the extra effort required by extracurricular sports activities, it is normal for our children to suffer a decrease in their defenses and energy reserves.

To revitalize your body and to carry out your daily activities normally, strong and healthy, there are certain food supplements that are highly recommended. This is the case, for example, of royal jelly for children, an extremely nutritious liquid that has a thick texture, white color and a very peculiar smell and flavor. Prepared by worker bees to feed the larvae during their first 3 days of life and to the bee queen throughout its life. While queen bees live for an average of 5 years, worker bees live only 45 days. Its secret is precisely its food, the only one of the whole hive that feeds exclusively with royal jelly. This also makes it larger and has a very fruitful life.

Robis is a manufacturer of royal jelly. We offer you the best products to ensure a good physical and mental development of the smallest of the house. An ideal supplement for the growth of children, composed of vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B6, amino acids, vitamin E, biotin, sulfur, phosphorus and essential amino acids for the production of proteins and for the proper functioning of the body. Of course, you should know that there are different qualities of royal jelly. The best is that which has at least 6% of 10-HDA (10-hydroxydecanoic).

Royal Jelly from Robis is fresh, great tasting, top quality. It has not undergone any lyophilization process, so it maintains all its properties.


Royal jelly has a toning, stimulating and rebalancing effect on the nervous system.

  • It provides extra energy, so necessary for children and adolescents in full growth stage and for the development of their school activities, especially in times of exams and sports competition.
  • Royal jelly for children is a great activator of the immune system since it helps fight infections and has to revitalize properties, increasing the body’s resistance to effort.
  • It has antimicrobial properties, so it helps prevent mild colds, reinforcing the immune system of the groups at greatest risk, which are the elderly, children and people with fragile health.

How is royal jelly consumed for children?
Royal jelly for children is in different formats, such as capsules and candies. However, it is preferable to take it in its pure state. Fresh royal jelly is sold in cans that include a small spoon to calculate the appropriate dose. The idea is to consume it in the morning, before breakfast.

The Royal Jelly of Robis for children is called “Junior” and unlike other Jellies its flavor is pleasant, with a touch of strawberry. It can be consumed alone, pouring the liquid into a glass or mixed with other foods, such as juices.

It is ideal for children from 3 years depending on their age of growth and if they are tired, they have lost their appetite or winter comes. Reina Real Junior helps to strengthen the immune system at certain times of the year and to prevent colds and flu, providing vitamins that help keep children in perfect condition to face the problems arising from seasonal changes.

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