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Vitamin C And Zinc

Vitamin C and Zinc: the perfect match

Vitamin C and Zinc are the perfect couple to help you prevent infections, take care of your health and strengthen your body’s defenses.

Separately, vitamin C and zinc have beneficial properties that contribute to the improvement of a large number of conditions and for the prevention of diseases. Together, the synergy they achieve makes them even more powerful as a healthcare partner.

Consuming them through food is important and even more so in winter. But it is not always enough, often requiring a higher intake than can be achieved in a healthy, balanced diet. That’s why you can find this vitamin and this trace element together in some of our
food supplements at

Vitamin C and Zinc: the perfect match for personal health protection

Want to know some of the ways the vitamin C and zinc pairing helps protect your health? Let’s take a look at the most relevant ones, so that you can learn more about why both natural substances are so important for the body.

1 – Helps maintain oral health

Vitamin C contributes to healthy gums and mouth tissues, with reduced risk of wounds, infections and ulcers. Zinc helps reduce plaque , thus contributing to fewer cavities and periodontal diseases such as gingivitis.

2 – Strengthen the body’s defenses

They act at different levels on the immune system to strengthen it and achieve a healthier organism. Vitamin C acts primarily to combat external agents that pose a threat to health. Zinc acts in a more complex way by helping to detect specific threats at the cellular level.

Their combined action is very powerful in keeping the body stronger against colds and other infections.

3 – They help to take care of your beauty

It may sound frivolous since we are talking about health. But the truth is that vitamin C and zinc are also great allies of natural beauty .

The reduction of cellular oxidation and its contribution to the optimal condition of skin, hair and nails is very relevant. They also promote the production of collagen and the dermal protective barrier. And maintaining its good condition also favors the maintenance of health, preventing problems such as dry skin that can lead to cracks and infections.

4 – Helps prevent scurvy

Although this problem is caused by a vitamin C deficiency , the absence of other vitamins, minerals and trace elements aggravates it, and zinc is one of the most important in this matter.

5 – Cell protection

The role of vitamin C in the prevention of cellular oxidation is well known. Less known but no less important is zinc, one of the most potent antioxidants. Together they achieve a powerful action against oxidative damage in cells. And that translates into a greater strength of the organism as well as to the maintenance of health and the optimal state of the tissues.

6 – Contributes to greater well-being in difficult times

Going through a cold, an illness, a personal problem or a time when high physical or intellectual performance is required leaves the body exhausted.

And how do you prevent it from becoming an episode of physical exhaustion and mental fatigue? The pairing of vitamin C and zinc contributes to a more rested body and mind, with greater energy and vigor, less vulnerable to fatigue. That translates into a stronger physical body and mental health.

Other benefits of zinc and vitamin C for health and wellness

  • They collaborate in the maintenance of ocular health in aspects such as the optimal state of the retina and retinol synthesis. This helps, among other things, to prevent cataract problems.
  • They support a healthy endocrine system and its optimal functioning, helping to prevent imbalances and promote testicular and ovarian function.
  • They are part of RNA and DNA synthesis, essential in the body and key during pregnancy.
  • Finally, they collaborate in the optimal healing of wounds, acne, ulcers, burns as well as cuts or incisions from operations. In addition, they help prevent infections in these cases.

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