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Very Dry Skin In Winter

Very Dry Skin in Winter: Why It Happens and How to Take Care of It

One of the usual problems that our skin suffers in winter is dryness. If it is very intense, it could show peeling and wounds, so it would no longer be just an aesthetic issue. When it gets worse, it can even become infectious. To avoid this, we tell you how to take care of our very dry skin in winter.

Very Dry Skin in Winter: Why Does It Happen?

With the arrival of the cold, the body’s fat secretion decreases, favouring the evaporation of the epidermis, which dehydrates.

In addition, other factors influence the dryness of the skin in winter. For example:

  • Too high heating temperatures.
  • Less desire to consume water and fresh fruit.
  • The use of outerwear that does not allow the skin to perspire properly.
  • The reduction of oxygen and nutrients to the dermis. This occurs because the cold contracts the capillaries, preventing their normal circulation.
  • Slowing of cell renewal and accumulation of dead cells.
  • The cold wind, typical of winter, dries the epidermis in the areas exposed to it.
  • Great temperature contrast. The heated interiors in contrast to the cold outside aggravate the loss of hydration of the skin.

All this is reflected in a state of very dry skin in winter with tightness, dryness, discomfort and even redness. To avoid this, and since in many cases these causes cannot be influenced, it is necessary to take a lot of care of our dry skin during winter to improve its hydration and good condition.

How to Take Care of Very Dry Skin in Winter

Use Appropriate Cosmetics to Prevent Dry Skin in Winter

To prevent or combat very dry skin in winter, you need extra hydration and nutrition. Use specific creams for the face, hands and body that hydrate and provide deep nutrition. It is also advisable to use serum and drops of hyaluronic acid if you already suffer from dry skin or if you are going to be significantly exposed to the factors that cause this problem.

You can use a barrier effect cream on your hands. Formulas with urea also help retain moisture in the skin in a healthy way.

On the contrary, avoid the use of aggressive body cleansing products.

Use Food Supplements to Improve the Condition of Your Skin

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements help keep your skin in good condition and prevent dryness in winter. A good option is Levavida, enriched with zinc, vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene (pro-vitamin A). You can find this and other food supplements at Robis to help you combat very dry skin in winter.

Consume Probiotics to Combat Skin Dehydration in Winter

Do you know that probiotics can help you keep the intestinal flora in a healthy and good condition, and to keep your body hydrated? Include them in your regular diet! Or consume them in the form of a food supplement.

Do Not Shower With Very Hot Water to Take Care of The Skin in Cold Weather

On cold days, it can be tempting to enjoy a long bath or shower with very hot water. But it is a bad habit if we want to keep our skin in good condition. Very hot water can break the fatty balance of the dermis and dry out the skin excessively.

So it is better to opt for short showers with warm water. And after drying yourself off with a soft towel, apply a quality moisturizer all over your body, including your elbows, knees, and on your feet, even between your toes.

Maintain an Active Lifestyle and Exercise to the Best of Your Ability

How does this influence us when we want to improve the health of our very dry skin in winter? Physical activity reactivates blood circulation, and that improves its oxygenation and the supply of nutrients to the skin.

Wear Breathable Clothing to Take Care of Your Skin in Winter

Very dry skin in winter suffers from the friction of clothing. And its condition worsens if the fabric of the clothing does not allow good breathability. That is why it is an important factor, even if it is not well-known. Cotton clothing, for example, is a better choice than microfibres in these cases.

Following these tips will help you avoid having dry skin. Do not wait until it is too late to anticipate the appearance of very dry skin in winter. You already know how to take care of your skin, but if you want to be aware of our following posts and be the first to find out, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on our social media. We are waiting for you!

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