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Hair Loss In Winter

Hair Loss in Winter: How to Combat It with Natural Products

In winter, hair falls out in greater quantity and frequency than in hot weather. The reduction in temperature and light are part of the reasons why it occurs. Reducing hair loss in winter with natural products is possible. Do you want to know the most effective ways? Let’s see them.

How to Combat Hair Loss in Winter with Natural Products

Brewer’s Yeast to Reduce Hair Loss in Winter

If there is a natural product known for its ability to combat hair loss in winter, it is brewer’s yeast.

Is it really that effective? The truth is that it is, taken regularly. And even more so if it is consumed in the context of a healthy and balanced diet, although it helps to overcome precisely certain nutritional deficiencies.

Brewer’s yeast provides the body with great benefits, such as a high concentration of proteins, vitamins, amino acids and minerals that influence the quality and strength of the hair. Its nutrients help regenerate tissues, combat the signs of stress, which have such an influence on hair loss, and it is also very rich in B vitamins that are involved in strengthening hair.

Spirulina, the Anti-Hair Loss Algae

Another natural product that helps reduce hair loss in winter is spirulina.

How do you do it? Spirulina is very rich in antioxidants that strengthen hair. It contains a high concentration of iron, amino acids and essential fatty acids. It is also a vegan product rich in B vitamins.

The benefits of spirulina against hair loss are not only obtained by ingestion. It can also be used in cosmetics in products such as shampoos to promote hair hydration and prevent it from drying out, breaking and falling out.

Moringa to Combat Winter Hair Loss

Do you know moringa? It is a plant from India that is increasingly popular because of its effectiveness in strengthening hair and combating hair loss. Among the effects of its nutrients is a great antioxidant power. But it also naturally contains other highly appreciated elements for hair care and maintenance: vitamin C, retinol, mandelic acid and niacinamide are some of them.

By helping to solve aspects such as hair fragility, moringa helps stop hair loss in winter.

Coconut Oil to Stop Hair Loss During Winter

Natural products to combat hair loss in winter not only act internally in the body. They can also be applied directly to the hair or mixed with other elements.

A good example of this is extra virgin coconut oil. It is a powerful antioxidant and moisturiser with the ability to strengthen hair from root to tip. This makes it stronger, less brittle and healthier. All this means less hair loss during winter.

This natural oil nourishes, repairs, tones and fortifies the hair, making it more capable of staying healthy in situations of cold, less light or greater stress, which cause less hair loss.

Coconut oil has many benefits, so you can also include it in your diet. The body takes advantage of its nutrients and this is reflected, among other aspects, in the good condition of the skin and hair.

Royal Jelly for Stronger Hair in Winter

Did you know that royal jelly is also a natural product that helps with hair care and beauty? Its high nutritional content has various effects that improve the condition of the hair. Among them, it improves circulation, achieving a better blood supply to the hair bulb.

It also nourishes the hair follicles, achieving healthier, more beautiful and nourished hair. Its richness in B vitamins, such as niacin, among others, helps prevent excessive hair loss in winter. And not only that, it also helps to make it look more beautiful, silky and shiny.

Other natural products that help fight winter hair loss

  • It helps to sleep better (post in Spanish), achieving a better hormonal balance and not feeling so much the effects of circadian rhythms in winter.
  • Tryptophan and magnesium. They help reduce cortisol in the body, and thus reduce hair loss due to stress.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of natural products that help you combat hair loss in winter. You can find them in the form of natural food supplements at

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