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Benefits Of Cco Oil

Coconut oil benefits, discover its properties!

It is very likely that in recent times you have heard about the benefits of coconut oil . You may think that it is an innovative product because the popularity of its use in Spain is relatively recent. However, in countries such as Thailand or Malaysia, where coconut is a crop typical of its area these benefits have been widely known for many years , in a studied and certified way.

The tradition in coconut growing areas, scientific studies and research by entities and companies make clear the benefits of coconut. coconut oil for health and beauty care.

Do you want to know some of the most outstanding ones? We will tell you. Of course, keep in mind that we are talking about virgin coconut oil extra, since as in the case of other fruits, cold pressing keeps intact the oil properties .

Benefits of coconut oil, discover its outstanding properties in the fields of health and beauty

1. Among the benefits of coconut oil highlights its contribution to the care of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health

Most of the coconut acids have a special peculiarity, which differentiates them from those of animal origin: their molecule contains from 6 to 14 carbon atoms. The saturated fats in coconut oil are divided between lauric acid, myristic acid and palmitic acid, the former being the majority.

Currently, it is known that It is a special type of saturated fatty acids, called de short and medium chain; that do not favor production from cholesterol in the body, just as long-chain saturated fatty acids of animal origin do, which is beneficial for the heart. They help reduce the so-called bad cholesterol. They increase the good or HDL. And they prevent LDL cholesterol from turning into a harmful form for the body.

2. Coconut oil is an aid for people who want to maintain a healthy body weight

Can an oil help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight? Yes, with nuances. In a healthy and balanced diet fat should not be abused. But a small contribution of the so-called good fats is necessary, since the organism needs them.

Among the benefits of coconut oil is that its richness in medium triglycerides helps burn body fat . Curious but true. Their thermogenic properties they allow it.

In addition, it passes directly to the body, favoring the ketosis . That is why a small amount daily helps burn fat. And it causes a feeling of satiety that helps to avoid eating due to anxiety.

3. Coconut oil is good for the brain

Did you know that ketone bodies derived from moderate consumption of coconut oil are an ideal fuel for the brain ? And what help prevent neurodegenerative diseases ? That is why its use within a healthy and balanced diet is recommended in youth and in mature age.

4. Consuming coconut oil helps protect breast milk

This is largely due to the fact that it naturally contains 50% of lauric acid . The only similar source of lauric acid is breastmilk . That is why it is considered a highly recommended food for mothers during lactation stage .

5. Helps prevent infections

Among the advantages of coconut oil, its properties are very relevant antifungal, antibacterial and antibiotic. It has been studied and accredited, among others, its contribution to combat the Helicobacter pylori bacteria . Also against candid species , causing, among other problems, vaginal yeast infection.

6. Virgin coconut oil has moisturizing properties and softens

In the field of beauty, the benefits of coconut oil are also interesting. It can be applied directly to the skin and hair, as if it were a cream or lotion.

Helps maintain hydration and softness both skin and hair. It also helps repair the skin. And in the case of acneic skin, it contributes to its care by helping to prevent the pimples from becoming infected.

Another important point is that restores the neutral pH of the skin and that contributes to its good condition.

7. Helps to protect against the sun

This is probably one of the benefits of coconut oil that surprises you the most. And is that has the ability to block 20% of UVA rays . You can apply it to the hair to protect it from the sun in summer .

These are some of the most relevant benefits of virgin coconut oil for health and beauty. Always pay attention to the fact that it is virgin and value that it is organically grown.

Keep in mind that it is a so-called good fat, and it should be consumed in moderation within a healthy and balanced diet. A good way to take care of yourself with organic food supplements from . Do you want to know first-hand all our news? Subscribe below to our newsletter and find out the first of all the publications and, if you want, follow us on social networks!

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