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Brewer’s yeast, health for your body

Brewer’s yeast is a nutritional supplement that has great properties for the body. The yeast is grown in a liquid medium to be pressed and remove existing moisture; It is an optimal extraction process to conserve your proteins, vitamins and minerals that make it such a special nutritional supplement.

The consumption of brewer’s yeast as a protein and vitamin in human food is fundamental, constituting a source of health.

Brewer’s yeast can be found in the market in flakes, powder, capsules or tablets as part of food supplements and providing these wonderful properties.

Benefits of brewer’s yeast

  • Brewer’s yeast has a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and nails for its high content of biotin and zinc, making it ideal for relieving conditions such as acne, eczema or dryness
  • It facilitates digestion thanks to the probiotics present in it, which contribute to the maintenance of the intestinal flora and activates the digestive enzymes
  • It is indicated in processes that damage the intestinal flora, such as the taking of certain medications for long periods of time or when we suffer some nutritional deficit
  • It is widely used in cases of chronic fatigue thanks to its contribution of vitamins, minerals and proteins
  • Brewer’s yeast slows down skin aging. It promotes blood circulation, leaving the skin more elastic and alive
  • It stimulates the defenses thanks to the action of a glucan that is in the wall of Saccharomyces cerevisae
  • It is an excellent supplement for slimming regimens
  • It contributes to toning the nervous system thanks to the contribution of vitamins of the complex B. It is one of the best natural sources of vitamins of the complex B
  • The consumption of brewer’s yeast is recommended for diabetics and hypertensives since it does not contain sugar and the sodium content is low. On the other hand, its chromium content helps the degradation of fats and sugars for energy
  • Beer yeast is recommended in case of liver diseases due to its detoxifying action (favors the elimination of toxins) and antioxidant

People with Crohn’s disease, gout or candidiasis should consult their physician before consuming brewer’s yeast.

Does beer yeast contain gluten?

A controversy has been created on this subject, and it is because when analyzing much of the yeast of beer that is sold in the market, gluten has been found in its composition. The yeast itself is a fungus, so gluten is not part of its natural composition. The problem is how to make brewer’s yeast. If the pressing process is not correct or if there is cross-contamination, the brewer’s yeast may contain gluten. For this reason, celiacs should take special care and choose products that specify that they are gluten-free, and thus do not harm their health. In case a celiac person consumes beer yeast with gluten can lead to autoimmune, allergic or sensitivity problems to this protein.

Organic beer yeast

It is known that organic products are much more beneficial because they are not treated with chemical agents that could be harmful to our health. Therefore, when it comes to looking for a supplement such as brewer’s yeast, it’s best to rely on brands that certify that they are organic, and that they do not treat yeast with products that could harm us in the long run. In addition, organic products retain their properties better and provide greater health benefits than those that are not.

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