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Remedies For Insomnia

Insomnia remedies: improve your sleep this winter

Wanting to sleep and not being able to sleep is common for many people, but no less problematic for that. Lack of quality sleep affects health, well-being and quality of life. Natural insomnia remedies are effective and healthy solutions for falling asleep.

Did you know that many plants, natural products and active ingredients have properties that help you sleep well? The ideal is to combine them with a routine at bedtime and a change in habits to sleep better.

Let’s see what are the most effective insomnia remedies.

Insomnia remedies: the most effective for a good night’s sleep

Melatonin, the sleep hormone that helps you sleep well

Do you know melatonin? It is very likely that you have already read or heard about it. It is a hormone that our brain naturally secretes. Its main function is to regulate the circadian cycle, in a way that improves the quality of sleep.

The funny thing is that melatonin is naturally present in other living beings, from which it is extracted through tryptophan. Not only in animals but also in algae, fungi, plants, and even bacteria!

Melatonin as a remedy to combat insomnia (Spaninsh version) is very effective. There are natural preparations of pure melatonin, or combined with medicinal plants, that help you sleep well. Insomnia remedies such as Melatonin Plus or Melatonin Complex are good examples of this.

Valerian, one of the best known insomnia remedies

Valerian is a medicinal plant known and used to fight insomnia for centuries. Valerian infusions are very popular. Although as a natural and safe solution against insomnia, it is best to take it in tablets or ampules, combined with other effective medicinal plants to fall asleep.

The reason is very simple. If you consume a lot of fluids before going to bed, it is very likely that you will wake up with the need to urinate. In this way, you can take the adequate amount of valerian that your body needs without drinking hardly any liquid before sleeping.

Its sedative and relaxing effect on the body and mind helps to reconcile and enjoy quality sleep. You can find it in products like Relax-Robis or Valeriana Complex.

Passionflower, an excellent solution to end insomnia

Do you know the Passionflower? It is another of the most effective insomnia remedies. Consuming the right dose of this plant makes its sedative and anxiolytic properties help you fall asleep. It also helps to prolong it throughout the night, thus achieving the desired quality rest.

It is very common to find Passionflower in products that combine this and other natural anti-insomnia remedies among their ingredients. Thus, they reinforce their action. You can find it in products like Relamax to promote sleep and sleep better.

Melissa to combat insomnia

Melissa is also another of the common ingredients in insomnia remedies made with plants and natural products. Melissa is a well-known plant that acts as a sedative in situations of moderate stress. It is also an effective aid to solve insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Other Insomnia Remedies That Will Help You Sleep Well

It is convenient to combine the consumption of remedies to fall asleep with good lifestyle habits. We leave you some tips to help you sleep better.

  • Do not be using your mobile or watching TV programs that upset you until the last moment before going to bed. They do not promote mental rest.
  • Combine a healthy and balanced diet with an active life appropriate for your age and health. It will help your endocrine system work well and sleep as you want.
  • The combination of a routine before going to bed and the consumption of natural anti-insomnia remedies enhance their effectiveness. You can find food supplements at to sleep well.
  • Have an early dinner so that when you go to bed, your body has already digested, and choose foods that are easy to digest. This way you will avoid discomfort and heaviness, and it will be easier for you to fall asleep.
  • Do physical exercise in the morning and never after mid-afternoon. This way, you will not activate yourself excessively in those hours prior to sleeping.

Consider these insomnia remedies, whether you have trouble falling asleep or often wake up during the night. Evaluate how to use them in your day to day to sleep well and gain health, well-being and quality of life.

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