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To Increase The Defenses What Is Good

What is good to increase the natural defenses? Prepare your body for the arrival of winter

Seasonal changes and the arrival of cold contribute to the increase in infections and diseases. To prepare, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system before that time. If you are clear about how important it is, you are probably wondering what is good to increase the natural defenses. Let’s see how to increase the body’s defenses and improve the functioning of the immune system.

What is good to increase the natural defenses?

1- Consume probiotics if you ask yourself what is good to increase the natural defenses

The probiotics favor the increase of the key intestinal flora to help the immune cells. Increasing the presence of good bacteria that are part of that intestinal flora is one of the most effective ways to collaborate in the growth of defenses.

And how to provide these defenses to the body? You can do it through food supplements such as Robis Probiotics which contains billions of live bacteria of the most important types reinforced with Calcium and Vitamin C. Also through diet, usually consuming sauerkraut, kefir, natural yogurts or kimchi, which are probiotic foods.

In addition, they are not exclusive options. At times when your immune system needs to get stronger, you can take different types of probiotics on a daily basis.

2- Vitamin C, include in your diet one of the beneficial elements to increase defenses

Probably thinking what can I take to increase my defenses? Vitamin C has come to your mind. Indeed, this vitamin acts on a first level of defenses. Because the body must always be well supplied with Vitamin C.

That foods rich in Vitamin C Can you include in your regular diet to increase your body’s defenses ?: Red pepper, broccoli, papaya, orange or guava, among others. You can also include in your diet Vitamin C food supplements.

3- Take specific food supplements to increase defenses

There are many good food supplements to increase defenses. They are a key help to boost the increase in defenses, especially important in situations or moments of the greatest need, such as the next arrival of the cold.

Royal jelly, ginseng, propolis, echinacea, certain amino acids and trace elements (such as zinc and copper, for example) or lichen of Iceland and thyme, contribute in different ways to the increase of defenses naturally. You can find an important variety of food supplements at for the care of your defenses.

4- Provide your body with vitamin D to give it more defenses

You know the importance of vitamin D for the immune system ? Its deficiency increases the risk of infections, so it is especially important to provide the body with the vitamin D it needs.

The main way the body synthesizes vitamin D is through the sun. But the reduction in the hours of natural light typical of autumn and winter and cloudy or unpleasant days make it difficult. To this must be added that in crowded areas you have to wear a mask, so between the cold, the lack of sun and the clothing that covers the skin, we reduce the amount of sun rays that our skin receives.

When you want to increase the defenses, it is important to assess how to increase the vitamin D that the body obtains. Exist supplements of this vitamin. You can also dedicate part of your free time to outdoor activities to receive the caress of the sun.

5- Follow a lifestyle that is good to strengthen your immune system

Did you know that through your lifestyle, you can also help increase your body’s defenses or, on the contrary, weaken the immune system? There are many small gestures, habits and customs that have a great influence on the body’s defensive system. And therefore, in the response of this against infections and other attacks.

So what can you do to wear a lifestyle beneficial to the immune system ?

  • Improve sleep quality and sleep well. The metabolic processes that take place while you sleep contribute to increasing defenses.
  • Take steps to combat stress. It is one of the enemies of the immune system, as it weakens it. So keeping stress at bay and at the same time taking steps to increase defenses is a winning combination.
  • Lead an active lifestyle whenever possible.
  • Follow one healthy, balanced and complete diet, rich in fiber, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Now you know what is good to increase the natural defenses. You just have to put it into practice to improve your defensive system effectively. Do you want to follow our advice without missing anything? At Robis we accompany you throughout the year making you the best recommendations, do not miss any by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on social networks, we are waiting for you!

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