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Probiotics: what are they for?

Probiotics are living organisms beneficial to health that live in our body. These bacteria and microorganisms are part of our body in a natural way, and it is convenient to take the appropriate measures to favor their presence in it. If you are interested in taking care of your health and preventing diseases, it is important that you know the probiotics, what they are for and how to favor their presence in the body.

Functions of probiotics

1. Contribute to the proper balance of intestinal flora

One of the most well-known benefits of probiotics is their contribution to the proper balance of the intestinal flora. This balance is key to such important issues as:

Contribute to healthy digestion and proper intestinal mobility for better absorption of nutrients. This is essential to avoid nutritional deficits that lead to health problems and to optimize the benefits of each food.

Help the intestines to produce key substances for good digestion. This not only alleviates or cures certain gastric problems but also contributes to the greater well-being of the person.

Participate in the synthesis of bile and the secretion of gastric juices, essential for a good state of health.

Favor the relief of specific disorders of the digestive system such as gas, heavy digestion, problems of constipation and halitosis or bad breath, among others.

Fight constipation and diarrhea. These two situations, in addition to being a health issue, have a great influence on the general well-being of the organism.

Restore the intestinal tract contributing to the elimination of certain pathogens of the intestine as the cases of the bacteria Candida or E. coli.

2. Help to synthesize vitamins necessary for the organism

Probiotics are responsible for helping to synthesize certain essential vitamins for the body. This is the case of vitamin K, which among other actions decreases the risk of hypertension helps to prevent osteoporosis and arteriosclerosis.

They also help the synthesis of some B vitamins essential for health, especially in the case of pregnant women.

3. They are key to strengthening defenses and preventing infections and infections

The probiotics contribute to reinforce and increase the defenses improving the immune system. This strengthening is key to preventing infection and contagious diseases. And although it is recommended especially in winter, having strong defenses is necessary throughout the year and at any age.

How to promote and increase the presence of probiotics in your body

To take advantage of everything that probiotics do for your health, you have to take measures to keep the probiotics beneficial to the organism alive. How?

1. Consuming beneficial biological supplements for probiotics

This complementation is easy to take and will allow you to take care of your probiotics at any time easily, without having to change your diet. In addition, its consumption is especially important in the occasions that imply a decrease of probiotics such as:

– After a severe gastroenteritis or episodes of diarrhea.

– While and after a treatment with antibiotics.

– In the process of flu and colds and for recovery after these.

When you suffer an infectious disease of any kind such as candidiasis or cystitis, among others.

– During the season of greatest risk of exposure to environmental allergies such as allergies to pollens.

Robis is a manufacturer of certified food supplements and its catalog has probiotic supplements that will help you to be naturally healthy.

2. Through feeding

It is always interesting to include probiotic foods in the usual diet. Some of these foods are yogurt or kefir, sauerkraut or kimchi.

As you see, probiotics are key to maintaining a good state of health and for the prevention of diseases.

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