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What Vitamins Are Good For Children

What vitamins are good for children? Help them back to school

Knowing what vitamins are good for children is essential to be able to provide them with the nutrients they need, especially in times when they need a greater nutritional contribution because the wear is greater. One of these times is going back to school. The change of habits and schedules, the greater intellectual effort and in many cases also sports and the reduction of daylight hours are part of the reasons.

To all this we must add that the nutritional needs for their growth and development they are already high. Through food, it is often difficult to supply the body with the nutrients it needs. That is why food supplements that provide vitamins, minerals and energy are key to avoid the consequences of their deficiencies.

What vitamins are good for children, the top 5 most important

Children actually need a wide variety of vitamins. Although the amount you need is not the same for all of them, nor are the deficiencies of one or the other equally serious, so we are going to focus on those you need to a greater extent.

Thiamine or Vitamin B 1 , key if you wonder what vitamins are good for children

The Vitamin B 1 It is also known as thiamine. What is your main role in the body? Convert consumed food into energy.

It is key in children’s diet for optimal cell growth, development and function. And it is essential for the functioning of the brain and nervous system.

What food is it in? Mainly in whole grains, wheat germ, legumes, trout and eggs. They are not the favorites of the little ones, but it is advisable to include them in their usual menus.

Vitamin B 2 or riboflavin, a necessary vitamin in a child’s diet

When considering what vitamins are good for children, another stands out vitamin of group B. It is the B 2 or riboflavin. Its role is similar to the previous one and, in addition, it has an important antioxidant action. It also helps the production of red blood cells and the release of energy from proteins, among other tasks.

What foods can you include in the kid’s diet that contains it? Dairy, eggs, green leafy vegetables and organ meats. Although it is not always easy to complete your needs with the diet, it is advisable to include these foods in your dishes.

The importance of vitamin B 6 for children

The Vitamin B 6 is another essential if you wonder what vitamins are good for children. It is essential for the brain development and the infant immune system. And for the proper functioning of the enzymes that regulate the body’s own chemical processes.

Where is it located? Through foods such as tuna, salmon, and legumes, you can provide these types of vitamins to children. Although it is not always easy to fully meet their needs, especially in times of greater wear and tear, such as going back to school.

Vitamin B 12 one of the most important vitamins during childhood

The functions of vitamin B 12 they are key to proper development during childhood. This vitamin is key in the production of red blood cells and in the process of transporting oxygen to all body tissues, as well as in the synthesis of bases for DNA.

Its deficit produces fatigue, tiredness, weakness and weight loss, among other problems. For this reason, it is necessary that, in the stages of growth, children receive the amount appropriate to their needs.

Eating foods such as dairy, eggs, fish, and meat will help you achieve this.

Vitamin C for children, an essential nutrient

When considering what vitamins are good for children, you have probably thought about the Vitamin C . Effectively, that’s right. It is an antioxidant and key to the formation of collagen. Your work to help heal wounds is very important.

It is also key to growth, the formation of bones and teeth, as well as to support the immune system by improving the body’s defenses.

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, red pepper, citrus, and black currant are foods rich in it.

The royal jelly maker Robis, aware of what vitamins are good for children, includes them in its product for children. In this way, it helps to complete the energy and vitamin needs of the little ones at specific times during their growth.

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