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Avoid Indigestion At Christmas

Avoid indigestion at Christmas: your goal to meet

Every Christmas, do you allow yourself to be carried away by temptation or family pressures and end up with an indigestion? This year it will be easier for you to avoid indigestion at Christmas because we are going to give you effective advice to help you achieve it.  You can start putting into practice some of these from this moment to prepare your digestive system and strengthen it for the Christmas season. Others are to be applied on the days of celebration banquets.

With all of them, avoiding indigestion at Christmas will be easy. Make it a goal for your well-being and health. Read these tips carefully and put them into practice. And enjoy the holidays without the hassle!

Avoid indigestion at Christmas: tips, recommendations and keys to achieve this goal

Strengthening your digestive system from today will help you avoid indigestion at Christmas

A weakened or damaged digestive system suffers more from changes in diet. And it is more difficult for him to digest heavy food or excess food. That is why prevention is so important. So if you make a goal of not getting stuffed at Christmas, the first step is to strengthen your digestive health.

And how do we do this?

  • Take care of your liver. Avoid taking an excess of greasy or sweet foods. You can take advantage of the help of specific nutritional supplements such as Higastion.
  • Take probiotics. They help you enrich your intestinal flora. Products like yogurts or sauerkraut are probiotics. You can boost their effects by taking a supplement like Robis Probiotics or Defen Robis.
  • Follow a healthy and balanced diet with amounts appropriate for your age, health, and lifestyle. Remember that it is significant to consume fibre and eat 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Hydrate your body : at this time of year, it is still essential to consume around 1.5 or 2 litres of water daily.
  • Try to sleep well. It is key to keep the body healthy and strong.
  • Avoid stress. It is a non-food factor that contributes to worsen the functioning of the digestive system.

Use common sense to prevent Christmas gluttony

Surely if we go to the basics, you already know how to avoid indigestion at Christmas, right? Simply by eating less. Of course, this is easier said than done. There are foods that we like to enjoy, and it is human to let ourselves be carried away by temptation.

In addition, it is sometimes difficult to avoid pressure when we are repeatedly urged to try something or eat more. Being assertive and avoiding arguments over something seemingly trivial is not always easy in practice.

But whenever possible, try to reduce your intake of alcohol, fatty foods and heavy meals. Moderate the amounts you eat if you can’t choose the foods you eat. And don’t wait for pain to stop eating.

Use products that help you digestion well at Christmas

Take advantage of all the natural aids that you have at your fingertips to avoid indigestion at Christmas. In addition to those already mentioned to strengthen your digestive system, you can find other food supplements at Robis that will help you.

A good help are infusions to improve both the digestive process and intestinal transit. You can take it on days when you anticipate heavy digestions. Diges Robis BIO and Laxi Robis Bio are effective aids to avoid indigestion at Christmas. Also, products like Aci-robis or Lax Robis L-3 are other good choices.

Tricks to help you avoid indigestion during Christmas holidays

Did you know that there are simple actions that can help you avoid indigestion at Christmas? Let’s see the most important ones:

  • Chew slowly and well. It will help you to facilitate the digestion of food.
  • Sit well at the table. With your back straight and your legs at right angles to the ground. Thus, digestion is better.
  • Do not go to sleep after a large meal or dinner. Digestion will be slower and heavier.
  • Taking a walk after dinner or Christmas lunch is a good decision. You can always propose it as a family activity. Perhaps to see the ornate streets or buildings in the area. You can turn it into a relaxed moment or a new family tradition that will also help you have a lighter digestion before going to sleep.
  • Choose your food well. Whenever possible, if there are several options, avoid or at least reduce the consumption of carbonated and alcoholic beverages, fried foods, fatty foods, very sugary and highly spicy foods.

With these tips, avoiding indigestion at Christmas will be very easy. You just have to remember to put them into practice. You can do it! Your health and well-being will appreciate it, as well as they will appreciate that you are the first to find out about our advice through our newsletter or social networks, you can subscribe below!

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