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Children And Spring: Challenges To Face

Children and Spring: a Time to Face Several Challenges

Spring brings about many challenges. Some of them are the following:

  • With the increase in daylight hours and time change, we are more eager to go outdoors and leave the house for long periods of time, which can affect our mood.
  • The mental exhaustion due to the last stretch of the school year is important. Even more so if the child is very self-demanding or if he is having a hard time at class.
  • In children’s sports competitions, the closer to the end of the championship, the greater the desire to strive to achieve certain goals.
  • In some cases, allergies and colds that are typical of weather changes leave their body weakened or make it more vulnerable.
  • Spring asthenia also affects children, not only adults.

In these circumstances, taking care of their diet is essential. Providing them with the nutrients they need is key to strengthening their body, both physically and mentally.

Children and Spring: How to Offer Them Proper Nutrition

Provide Them with a Rich and Varied Diet during Spring

If we talk about children and spring on a nutritional level, we can all agree on the following: they need a wide variety of different nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, trace-elements, essential fatty acids, etc.

This is not the time for you to limit their diet, but to expand it. They need a variety of nutrients and, if your diet is limited to a dozen foods, this will become a difficult task to handle.

For example, it is not enough to give them pieces of fruit, for example, in the case they eat the same variety. Why? Because not all fruits have the same combinations of nutrients. That is why a diet must be varied and alluring for them.

Nutritional Balance: Essential for Children during Spring

This is important throughout the whole year, but even more so during spring. As we have seen, children and spring is a mix takes a great toll on them on a physical and intellectual level. This is why it is not enough to give him healthy food. Plan it all out: you have to provide them with the nutrients that their body needs in the right amount and proportion.

Is this being difficult to follow? Perhaps, but logic will lend us a hand here: a child, just like an adult, should not eat only meat, or vegetables, or a glass of milk while dipping cookies in it. They need to eat the right amount of food items from the different groups so as to meet their nutritional needs.

Assess if Your Child Needs Nutrients That You Cannot Provide Them through Lunchtimes during Springtime

What happens if food is not enough to cover the nutritional needs of children in spring? No need to be alarmed, but you should act accordingly, as this issue can happen at times when the child’s body is put to the test.

In these cases, you need an extra supply of nutrients. And no, this doesn’t mean you should stuff them with lots of food, but with the nutritional supplements that are appropriate for their age and circumstances.

As a manufacturer of food supplements, at Robis, we offer a catalogue of food supplements for children, since we are aware of the needs they have, especially with these complicated weather changes. If you consider that your child needs to have some type of supplement, you can always consult your paediatrician about the right one for your child.

Make Nutritious Food More Attractive for Them during Summer and Do Not Fall for Junk Food

It is actually very easy to give children food that does not provide them with nutrients, and this can be harmful to them. This happens because junk food is sold to us in an appealing way, it is easy and quick to prepare, it has already been pre-cooked, or even because ads make it easily recognisable to children.

However, nutritious food can also be offered to children in a more appetising and attractive way. How?

  • By having the fruit, cleaned and chopped in pieces, on colourful skewers to dip on yogurt.
  • By turning different kinds of food into a snack. For example, you could roast cooked chickpeas with spices of your choice.
  • By serving boneless fish with other dishes such as puddings or meatballs.

Children and Spring: How to Eat Better with Seasonal Foods

Now, let’s see some examples of seasonal foods.

  • Oily fish, such as mackerel and anchovies.
  • Diverse fruit, such as strawberries, plums, apricots, oranges, medlars and bananas.
  • Vegetables, such as fresh peas, broad beans, artichokes, green and white asparagus, radishes, lettuce or fennel.

You know some key elements regarding children and spring season. A child calendar can even be more packed than an adult one, preparing them for a summer for which they are more than eager to give their all. Do you wish to always be up-to-date? Then follow us on social media or sign up to our newsletter. you will not regret this decision!

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