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Beneficios Del Magnesio

Benefits of magnesium in your daily performance

The lack or deficit of magnesium in the body causes various problems, including a state of physical and mental fatigue and a major decay. The benefits of magnesium for performance are very relevant and necessary for different essential functions of the organism. Therefore the use of magnesium supplements is necessary when not enough is ingested through diet. And also in times and situations of greater need.

You should keep in mind that there are 7 different types of magnesium salts, each with some different characteristics although others are shared, so, they help the organism and the best daily performance in a different way. Therefore in the diet or in the supplementation they must be all present and in a balanced way. These are:

  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Magnesium Hydroxide
  • Magnesium Carbonate
  • Magnesium Chloride
  • Magnesium Lactate
  • Magnesium Gluconate
  • Magnesium Acid Magnesium Salt

To take advantage of all the benefits of magnesium you must provide your organism with magnesium in its different forms.

Magnesium benefits for the best daily performance at any age

Helps reduce tiredness and fatigue

Both physical and mental. Because it intervenes in different biochemical reactions of the organism. Between them in the nervous system as well as in the locomotor apparatus and in the brain. This helps to improve rest and significantly reduce the feeling of fatigue.

Improves physical performance

This is well known in elite sport and is applicable to everyday life, whether you do physical exercise as a hobby, or if your work involves significant physical activity. Magnesium helps to improve blood supply to the muscles, and contributes to the elimination of lactic acid present in them during and after exercise.

This allows pain relief, a greater sense of lightness, and less feeling of tiredness. This facilitates better sports performance and faster recovery.

Reduces resistance to insulin

This is one of the main benefits of magnesium for performance as, among other relevant issues, it improves protein synthesis, reduces inflammation and allows better metabolic flexibility. Muscle tissue degrades less and less lactic acid is produced. This implies a better and faster physical recovery after exercise.

It relaxes the musculature

A relaxed musculature facilitates sleep and rest, keys to physical and mental recovery. Sleep is restorative and essential to improve performance in the next day.

On many occasions this is altered by muscle heaviness. Magnesium contributes to the relaxation of the muscles, one of the factors that help to sleep better and to make it of quality. During this process, the body carries out different metabolic and hormonal processes that are key to good performance.

Contributes to the proper functioning of the locomotive apparatus

Magnesium is key to the health, good condition and functioning of muscles and bones. A healthy and strong locomotor system is essential for good physical performance.

Improves the functioning of the nervous system

This is essential for a good daily performance at intellectual and physical level. In addition, a good functioning of the nervous system facilitates the performance of the basic functions of the propioceptors and promotes the transmission of impulses to muscle fibers. It is also key for a lower feeling of pain which in turn affects a better recovery, and facilitates muscle coordination.

The benefits of magnesium in your daily performance, you see, are very relevant. Therefore you must provide your body with the amount of magnesium it needs through feeding and supplementation. Get an active and full life with Robis food supplements!

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