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What is collagen good for ?: Everything you need to know

Collagen is a protein that our body produces and needs to perform different functions. As you get older, the production is less. And in order to continue performing these functions, it is necessary to provide collagen to the body. Find out why collagen is good and your body needs it!

Why is collagen good for the body?

1. Collagen is key to the good health of the joints

He cartilage present in the joints it suffers wear over time due to the normal movement of these. For this reason, elderly people and athletes suffer it especially. When it is very fine, it does not cushion the friction of other elements that are part of each joint. This causes discomfort and, very often, pain.
If you wonder what collagen is good for, you should first think about the health and good condition of the joints. Collagen allows regeneration of this deteriorated, worn and fine cartilage which entails improving the state of each joint and movement of this without pain.

2. Holds connective tissues together

The structures of the body require collagen to hold together. Without it, the connective tissues lose their supportive element. When this happens muscles, tendons, bones, cartilage, internal organs and other tissues are affected. To avoid this, the body needs collagen.
So when you ask yourself what collagen is good for in this sense, the answers are multiple. Between them, maintain bone density , something especially important in women after menopause. Further, improves muscle, ligament and tendon strength , key to their good condition and greater resistance to injury.

3. Improves skin firmness

The skin is one of the tissues that suffers the most from a collagen deficit , losing elasticity and firmness . This causes aesthetic problems such as wrinkles and the lowered chin. Collagen firms the skin, and helps prevent the appearance of sagging jowls as well as facial sagging .

4. Intervenes in the hydration of tissues

Another issue for which collagen is good is to improve the hydration of the tissues. And this protein is involved in this process. Hydration is essential for the optimal state and functioning of tissues and organs that make up these . In the case of the skin, it is also key to its adequate firmness and elasticity.

5. Strengthens the immune system

One of the prominent components of collagen is glycine. This amino acid is essential for different functions within the body. One of the most outstanding is its contribution to the optimal state and strengthening the immune system , something especially relevant in situations of risk of infections and contagions.

6. Facilitates flexibility of muscles, tendons and ligaments

When talking about what collagen is good for, its presence in the good condition of muscles, tendons and ligaments deserves a prominent mention. Among other issues because it contributes to its better flexibility . This not only implies greater ease of movement but also a lower risk of injury due to this issue and a reduction of pain associated with stiff muscles .

These are just some of the answers to the question of what collagen is good for. And it is that its benefits for the human organism are multiple and diverse. That is why the body needs it at any age. And nutritional supplementation is a good way to provide it. At Robis we are manufacturers of food supplements and we can help you if you want to take advantage of all the benefits of this protein.

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