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Vegetable Collagen

Vegetable collagen: benefits for skin, bones and joints

The benefits of collagen are essential for the good condition of skin, bones, and joints. The consumption of collagen, or food supplements that combine the benefits of animal collagen, improve the presence of it in the body and favor that in turn be generated naturally. Discover its benefits and you will understand why it is essential at any age!

Collagen and its benefits for skin, bones and joints

Did you know that collagen is the main protein of the human body? This gives you an idea of its importance for the human being. The collagen plant substitute, provided as a complement food, is a natural alternative to collagen of animal origin that It will help you when your body does not generate as much collagen as it needs. Further, It is an ideal complement if you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet.

1. Benefits of “vegetable collagen” for beauty

The skin is one of the elements in which the presence of collagen is essential. It is usually associated with beauty because collagen helps provide firmness and elasticity to the skin.

This is especially interesting when it comes to the skin of the face and neck. The reason? Avoid facial sagging, helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles on the face and, ultimately, is key to a more youthful and young image.

Food supplements with collagen, and in this case its plant or vegetable substitute, help you take care of the condition and appearance of your skin. But also of the nails since these are formed among other elements by a collagen mesh.

2. Collagen is essential for bones

When we talk about the good state of the bones we usually refer to the importance of calcium but less known is that of collagen. Did you know that these are formed from a collagen mesh? This already offers you a sample of how important this substance is to prevent osteoporosis and to maintain adequate bone density.

Collagen intake helps maintain the good state of the bones, something that is especially important as they turn years. With age, the synthesis of collagen slows down, so as we reach adulthood it becomes more necessary to strengthen our collagen. It is also essential to strengthen it in cases where, due to lifestyle or medical treatments, the fragility of your bones is increased. In the case of women, the arrival of menopause is one of the critical moments in which collagen is of great help for greater strength and bone strength.

3. Collagen is necessary for strong and painless joints

All cartilaginous tissues of the human body contain natural collagen form. And that includes the joints. So many knees such as elbows, shoulders or ankles, and wrists or neck require collagen to ensure their good condition.

With the passage of time and the necessary physical activity, the cartilages of the joints wear out. Collagen is essential to replenish it and prevent its wear and tear causing pain by rubbing the bones of the joints with each other. The consumption of a substitutive “vegetable Collagen” allows maintaining in good condition this natural protection of the joints. In this way pain situations that could occur when performing even the most basic movements are avoided.

This becomes essential when reaching the so-called third age. Also, in the case of athletes. For different reasons, these population groups suffer greater wear of the cartilaginous tissue of the joints. And, therefore, it is necessary to replace said tissue through feeding and supplementation with collagen. Of course, it is best to prevent throughout life and prevent the body from suffering a deficit of collagen at any vital stage.

Knowing the importance of collagen you can make a decision about the consumption of “vegetable collagen” to protect and benefit your skin, bones, and joints. You are how old you are. In Robis, we are manufacturers of organic supplements and royal jelly since 1983

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