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Food Supplements For Vegetarians

Top 6 best food supplements for vegetarians

Vegetarian supplements provide the body with all the nutrients it needs and cannot get through diet. If you follow a vegetarian or vegan diet you are interested in knowing them for your health care. AND avoid nutritional deficits It is essential for a healthy body, with the aim of not having functional problems and enjoying a better quality of life.

These are the 6 best food supplements for vegetarians

1. Vitamin B12

Currently the recommendations of doctors and nutritionists regarding the vegan and vegetarian diet is the need for a nutritional supplementation of vitamin B12 .

This vitamin is found mainly in products of animal origin. And in practice it is impossible by following a vegetarian diet to meet the body’s needs for this vitamin. In fact, not many people who follow a conventional omnivorous diet are able to meet these needs. For this reason, food supplements for vegetarians with vitamin B12 or that include this, are necessary for those who follow a diet of this type.

2. Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids

The main sources of Omega-3 essential fatty acids and Omega-6 they are blue fish. Although they are also present in some nuts, they do so in a smaller quantity. Therefore, these types of essential fatty acids are among the recommended food supplements for vegetarians. Especially in the stages of life when the need for these amino acids by the body it is older, as occurs in pregnancy or during the growth stage of children.

3. Iron and Vitamin C

Although there are vegetables such as legumes rich in iron, this is difficult for the body to assimilate. Is about a type of iron called non-heme , and that it is very difficult for the human body to absorb. To facilitate its assimilation, an important Vitamin C contribution . Therefore, among the most recommended food supplements for vegetarians are those multivitamin complexes or food supplements that combine vitamin with iron. This is even more important in young women since menstruation favors the loss of iron, and not only in this case but in those people who already suffer from iron deficiency anemia.

However, a healthy person without anemia problems who follows a vegetarian diet with a significant intake of non-heme iron may have enough with a supplementation of vitamin C to assimilate it.

4. Vitamin D

Another of the most recommended supplements for vegans is vitamin D. Actually 90% of the vitamin D the body receives comes from the sun . But in the months of bad weather, such as winter in which the hours of daylight decrease, as is currently the case due to the pandemic that we suffer in which we have to stay at home, it is difficult to take advantage of the hours of sunshine. Other people, who because of their lifestyle cannot sunbathe, food supplements can be of great help.

Foods rich in vitamin D are not suitable for a vegan diet . Thus, food supplements for vegetarians with vitamin D are the best option to provide the body with the amount it needs for its proper functioning.

5. Zinc

Zinc is a trace element necessary for proper growth or improvement of the immune system. Although present in plant foods, we find the handicap that these foods also contain phytate . Phytate has the ability to inhibit the absorption of zinc, so it does not allow the body to receive and assimilate that contribution. For this reason, food supplements with zinc come to alleviate the deficit of this trace element in vegetarians.

6. Calcium supplements for vegetarians

Another of the most necessary supplements for vegetarians are calcium. And it is that this is found in plant foods in a very small amount for what the body needs. Calcium is essential for some strong bones and teeth . For this reason, calcium needs are great throughout life, from the infant and youth stage of growth to old age. Even more in the woman so that she has a good Bone density from youth, what will help you avoid problems of osteoporosis after menopause.


These are the main nutrients that should be part of food supplements for vegetarians to avoid nutritional deficits in your diet . You can find them in different forms in the catalog of food supplements for vegetarians at .

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