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Healthy eating and supplements to lose weight

The combination of a proper diet and food supplements to help lose weight are key to achieve good results and to lose weight in a healthy way. The consumption of food supplements to lose weight in the context of a light, balanced and healthy diet with good lifestyle habits drives the results of these actions. These supplements act on different functions of the body and contribute to accomplish effective and healthy weight loss in a faster way and without rebound effect.

Most popular supplements to help you lose weight based on their way of acting on the body

Fat or carbohydrate blockers

The high consumption of fats and carbohydrates translates into an increase in body weight. To lose weight, it is convenient to limit the consumption of these, increasing the proteins to gain muscle mass, which in turn allows a more active and effective metabolism.

There are food supplements for weight loss whose action is precisely to block the body’s absorption of lipids or fats. Others limit the absorption of carbohydrates. And some even exercise both actions at the same time. But these should only be used sporadically. The ideal is to maintain a balanced diet.

For which type of user are they most convenient? Fat or carbohydrate blocking weight loss supplements are recommended for specific situations where you cannot control your diet. For example at family celebrations, events or festivities around the table. Or if you have to go to company meals. But on a daily basis it is advisable to opt for a healthy and balanced diet, as we previously recommended.

Weight loss supplements with satiating or appetite suppressant effect

Eating out of anxiety or having an excessive appetite are two factors that contribute to weight gain. Weight-loss supplements with a satiating effect as well as appetite inhibitors are the right supplements for this type of person.

A good measure to combine with consuming these satiety or appetite suppressant supplements is to avoid buying unhealthy or high-calorie foods. If you do not have these temptations at home it will be easier for you to avoid them. And food supplements will help you avoid eating out of anxiety, as well as sitting at the table without that feeling of an empty stomach that makes you consume more food than your body needs.

Metabolism boosters, very effective weight loss supplements

Among the most effective weight loss supplements are metabolism boosters. And what are they for? Accelerating the metabolism allows this greater activity. Thus they manage to burn more calories obtaining effective weight loss in less time.

If to the consumption of these supplements to reduce weight you add a healthy diet with energy values below the energy expenditure you make, you will achieve the good results you want sooner.

Lipolytics, the weight loss supplements that help you lose fat

Following a healthy diet is essential to lose weight. Although this diet is balanced, generally the overweight person has previous fat deposits in her body. These accumulate in areas such as the abdomen or thighs, generally. Weight loss supplements with lipolytic effect help mobilize them, the first step to destroy and eliminate them.

The supplements that act on lipolysis carry out a metabolic process typical of the body but in a more effective and enhanced way. Something that they achieve thanks to the stimulation of the catalytic hormones in charge of mobilizing the lipid deposits of the organism.

Diuretics for weight loss

One of the traditionally most used supplements to aid weight loss are those with a diuretic effect. They contribute to the loss of weight and body volume caused by excessive fluid retention in the body. These should only be taken in case of fluid retention and for a limited time.

Combining the consumption of these with the inclusion in the diet of foods with a diuretic effect improves their effectiveness. Artichokes or asparagus are two of them.


All these supplements to lose weight should be consumed in the context of a healthy and balanced diet. And with a caloric contribution lower than the daily energy expenditure made. They are an aid to food and are not a substitute for its benefits to lose weight and keep the body in good condition. Use them to boost the effects of good eating habits to achieve effective, healthy and long-lasting weight loss without yo-yo effect. Visit the catalog of Robis food supplements to find the right ones for you.

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