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What Are Raspberry Ketones

What are raspberry ketones in 5 keys

Raspberry ketones or Raspberry ketone are in fashion for their effectiveness when it comes to losing weight. Research on this phenolic compound found in red raspberry (Rubus idaeus) have made clear the benefits it provides to those who aim to lose weight in a healthy and effective way. Find out what raspberry ketones are. And the keys why they are such a valued natural compound.

What are raspberry ketones in 5 keys

The quick answer to this question is that they are the main aromatic compounds of red raspberries , some edible berries. But what is generally sought to that question is broader and refers to what are the benefits of raspberry ketones and, therefore, what are the reasons to consume raspberry ketones.

1. They have thermogenic assets that increase basal metabolism

When considering what raspberry ketones are, one must take into account what causes this active principle. And its most relevant capacity is thermogenesis . Said colloquially, these have the ability to increase the body’s natural temperature.

And is that good for anything? You will ask yourself. Yes, it has a very useful function for those who want to lose weight. This rise in body temperature is caused by the ability of raspberry ketones to trigger the production of norepinephrine or stress hormone, which implies an increased thermogenic effect . This stress hormone alters the metabolism in such a way that it accelerates the fat burning . That is, it is key to burn body fat naturally and effectively.

But how do you do it? Produces an increase in the breakdown of triglycerides into free fatty acids, for the subsequent action of the lipase enzyme that breaks down fat so it can be digested by the intestine. That is, it increases lipolysis, so burns reserve fats.

Therefore, if you wonder what raspberry ketones are, these are a excellent adjuvant in weight loss diets .

2. Good for reducing appetite

Another important point that you should know when asking yourself what are raspberry ketones and what are they for it is its ability to reduce appetite. This is because the aforementioned norepinephrine in addition to acting as a hormone also acts as a neurotransmitter which slightly increases the brain dopamine levels . It lifts the mood and reduces need to eat due to anxiety or depression .

3. They are a natural product that is not only present in raspberries

When some people wonder what raspberry ketones are, they want to know where they come from. One of its keys is that it is a natural product. It is present in raspberries and also in other berries, in rhubarb, kiwis, grapes and apricots. And in the bark of some trees such as yew, maple and pine.

But to be effective, the amount that must be ingested is large. For this reason, they are synthesized in the laboratory, in order to consume an adequate amount in the form of a food supplement To achieve weight loss, the main objective that is sought to be achieved through its intake.

4. They are a powerful antioxidant

Another important benefit that raspberry ketones provide is their antioxidant action . Thus, among other relevant issues, they contribute to delaying cellular aging. That translates into different benefits for the body . Among them, in firmer, younger and more beautiful skin.

5. Control the amount of sugar and fat in the blood

Increasing the production of adiponectin , a hormone that modulates a series of metabolic processes, including the regulation of glucose and the catabolism of fatty acids. In other words, it controls the amount of sugar and fat that is burned by the cells.


These are the main keys that you must know to discover what raspberry ketones are. If you want to take advantage of its benefits, you must contribute them to your body safely and in the appropriate amount. You can do it safely and effectively with the organic food supplements from .

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