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Detox Menu After Christmas

Detox menu after Christmas: keys to regain good habits

It is increasingly common that after Christmas excesses the decision is made to follow a detox menu after Christmas. This is a very smart decision as long as it is carried out properly. That is, making some changes that allow recover good habits for a correct, balanced and healthy diet . More than following a specific diet, it is recommended that you know the keys to having a healthy diet that helps you improve your health and recover from excesses, a diet that you can maintain for weeks, if you wish.

Detox menu after Christmas: 7 tips to succeed

1. Remember the importance of hydrating the body

At this time of year you probably don’t feel like drinking much water. But you must make an effort because the body needs hydration. Between 6 and 8 glasses a day is an adequate amount for a healthy adult. But internal hydration is not only obtained by drinking water. Consumption of herbal teas, infusions, fresh fruits and vegetables it also provides water to the body.

2. Take care of your liver

An essential point for a detox program is liver care. Consumption of detox products coupled with a diet that includes some food beneficial to the liver on a daily basis is a good decision. And what foods are these? Among others, artichokes, asparagus, endives and broccoli.

3. Provide your body with vitamin C

Vitamin C has properties that facilitate the expulsion of toxic substances from the body . Therefore, its consumption is essential in a detox menu after Christmas. Fresh white and red cabbage, red pepper, kiwi, orange or blueberry are foods rich in vitamin C. It is advisable to consume them raw. You can also increase the contribution of this vitamin through food supplements.

4. Your detox diet should be rich in fiber

Whole grains, fruit, fresh vegetables and legumes are some high fiber foods . When designing a detox menu for after Christmas it is convenient that you always include some of these foods. Always bearing in mind that the menu must be varied, balanced and healthy.

5. Ban the consumption of saturated fat in your detox diet after Christmas

Saturated fats are not recommended on a detox menu. You can include a reduced amount of unsaturated fats . For example, one or two teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil at lunch and dinner. Or a serving of avocado as a starter for lunch or breakfast. Also, if you consume products like yogurts or dairy products, choose skimmed ones.

6. Eat detox foods

Some natural products are recognized as foods that contribute to the purification of the body. Are foods rich in fiber and water , which help the digestive system cleansing and the protection of the liver. This is the case of pineapple, cucumber or artichoke, among others.

Of these, pineapple is the one that is easiest to integrate into different menus. You can take it alone or include it in fish skewers, lettuce salads or cook it with grilled chicken, among many other ways. It is as tasty for breakfast as for dessert and in savory dishes. It is a good resource and you can consume it even daily, always in adequate quantity and without neglecting the consumption of other fresh vegetables.

7. Have healthy habits

For a good recovery of the body, do not limit yourself to following a detox diet. To optimize the results obtained with this adopt good lifestyle habits . Do low-impact exercise daily to keep your body active and get a good caloric intake without putting pressure on your joints. Reducing the consumption of salt and sugar is also highly recommended. Like avoiding the consumption of alcohol and tobacco.


In addition to taking these keys into account, remember that food supplements help you optimize the results of a detox menu after Christmas. In the selection of organic food supplements from You will find help to strengthen the defenses, cleanse the liver and provide your body with the vitamins, minerals, proteins and trace elements it needs.

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