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Joint Pain With Cold

Joint pain with cold: how to remedy it?

Feeling joint pain in the cold is relatively common, and is not exclusive to middle age, although it is more common in older people. Therefore, preventive measures must be taken from the youth. To solve this problem it is important to take action when the cold weather arrives.

This post is especially useful for those who already suffer from diseases such as wear and tear on the joints or some type of rheumatic disease. These are some of the best remedies for avoid joint pain in winter !

How to remedy joint pain with cold

1. Keep the joints in optimal condition

The best measure to avoid joint pain on cold days is prevention. And it goes through a strong, cared for and protected locomotor system. Something that is achieved, among other things, with good life habits . He physical exercise moderate low-impact diet and an appropriate protein-rich diet contribute to the protection of muscles and tendons . In addition, staying at a healthy body weight prevents the damage that being overweight generates on the lower body joints. Mainly knees and ankles.

One of the most frequent cold sore joints is the knee pain . In this case, it is important to promote the regeneration of cartilage, preventing it from reducing and friction between the bones. Consumption of food supplements with collagen it is a good choice in these cases.

2. Improves elasticity and condition of muscles

One of the reasons for cold joint pain is that it causes greater stiffness and tension in muscles and tendons. This in turn implies a greater joint pressure , and with it, comes the appearance of pain. Therefore a good remedy for these cases is through improve elasticity, condition and flexibility of muscles and tendons . This is something that is achieved through different avenues. Not in isolation, but complementing all of them.

An important point is to follow an adequate diet that provides the body with the nutrients that your musculoskeletal system needs . And, if necessary, adequate supplementation to avoid the deficit of these nutrients.

It is also beneficial to regularly perform gymnastic exercises or practice physical disciplines that contribute to improve elasticity and good condition of muscles and tendons. In people with reduced mobility problems who cannot resort to the practice of physical exercise, the professional manipulation of the physiotherapist is key to achieve this.

3. Improve your blood circulation

Among the reasons for cold joint pain is poor blood circulation. The cold causes a vasoconstriction which reduces the blood supply to the muscles. This creates more stiffness in the muscle. If due to diseases such as arthritis, age or other causes, they already have a stiffness higher than normal, the reduced blood circulation contributes to generating greater joint pressure. And, as we mentioned earlier, this causes increased pressure and pain in the joints.

So to help remedy winter joint pain, it is important to take steps to improve blood circulation.

4. Provides heat to the area

The most obvious remedies are no less important. In this case, to mitigate joint pain with cold, it is advisable to bundle up well. In the case of women, wearing their legs in the air or wearing thin stockings are not the best decision if they suffer from joint pain when it is cold. If this is your case, perhaps you should consider changing your clothing when you suffer these pains, or at least, avoid spending as little time as possible outside with it.

In addition, it is advisable to stay at a comfortable temperature whenever possible. You can also apply heat directly to aching joints in cold weather, for example by putting warm cloths, a hot water bottle, or an electric blanket on your knees.


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