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Keys To A Perfect Tan

Top 5 keys for a perfect tan

Do you want to know the keys to a perfect tan? Achieving a beautiful and long-lastingcolor is a common desire in every summer. To achieve this, it is not enough just to sunbathe, you have to prepare the skin and take measures to make it acquire a beautiful color. In this post we give you the keys to a perfect tan that allows you to acquire and maintain the tone that you like the most during the coming months.

5 keys to a perfect tan this summer

1. Prepare your skin

A healthy and cared skin it is more prone to tanning and makes it more uniform, beautiful … and more durable! For this reason, taking care of the skin is something that you must do now and maintain over time.

A good one feeding , nutritional supplementation if necessary and hydration are three essential points to achieve the good condition of the skin.

2. Provide vitamins to your body

Among the keys to a perfect tan is preparing the body to achieve a pretty skin tone and uniform. Vitamins allow this while preventing the sun from accelerating cellular aging. In this way vitamins such as Vitamin C or the beta carotenes they are key to a long and beautiful tan. In addition to helping the skin to tone more quickly, they allow greater uniformity of it.

3. Combine tan enhancers with sunscreen

The Solar protection it is necessary even when you want to achieve a tanned skin tone. The negative effects on the skin of solar radiation make it necessary to use a suitable sunscreen for your natural skin color. But if you want to tan quickly and beautifully, the ideal is to combine these with a tan enhancer that allows you to achieve this goal. They are perfectly compatible. And in fact it is the ideal combination before sunbathing if you are looking for the keys to a perfect tan.

4. Hydrate and exfoliate your skin

Exfoliate the skin once a week also in summer it is important to maintain the tan. There is a popular belief that this removes the color, but nothing could be further from the truth. Remove the dead cells of the skin is essential for the skin to acquire a beautiful and uniform color. And you will get it to stay that way longer!

Combine this with a good hydration it is necessary to ensure that the skin cells are in the best condition, and that the tan is more alive and beautiful, without the dull tone of dry skin. This hydration does not only refer to spreading a moisturizing product on the skin after sunbathing. Also to provide your body with liquids what do you need. Drinking at least 2 liters of water is essential in summer, as well as consuming fresh fruit and vegetables rich in water such as watermelons, cucumbers and zucchini, among others.

5. Give your skin time to acquire the tan you want

Produce the amount of melanin you need to tan is something that cannot be achieved in two minutes. To acquire a beautiful tone superior to your skin tone Natural you need to sunbathe a minimum of 30 minutes and up to a maximum of just over an hour. It is not necessary that you spend many hours in the sun or that you do it in the central hours of the day. On the contrary, you can achieve the opposite effect to the desired one since you could uncontrol the normal production of melanin. This is something that you are not interested in because it could alter the uniformity of the tan tone.

In addition, the body continues to produce melanin for some time after sun exposure ends. That is, it continues to tan. So the ideal is to let it rest after the time of tanning itself or exposure to the sun. You will avoid drying out your skin and letting it suffer burns. So it will look more beautiful and cared for with a perfect tan.

As far as possible it is preferable to be only one hour a day continuously than longer times less frequently.


Keep these keys in mind for a perfect tan and achieve the beautiful, even and long-lasting skin tone you want. Query about accessories food from for this summer that help you take care of your skin and achieve a tan to your liking.

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