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Remedies To Sleep Well

Remedies to sleep well after returning to the routine

Problems falling asleep at the end of the holidays are common. The organism has become accustomed to schedules and routines or precisely to the lack of them. And that makes it difficult to sleep normally at bedtime. Something that is not only annoying but also means getting up the next day tired, dragging sleep, difficulty concentrating and a terrible feeling of lack of energy and vitality. This is something that happens at any age.

Faced with this problem, it is essential to know the main remedies to sleep well and thus take measures for a quality sleep that supposes a effective rest.

Remedies for a good night’s sleep after returning to the routine after the holidays

1. Modify your diet, one of the most effective remedies to sleep well

It may surprise you but your eating habits have a great influence on the quality of your sleep. Especially from mid-afternoon until late in the day. Some foods help you fall asleep. By contrast, others contribute to making it difficult to sleep well. Note that:

  • Foods rich in tryptophan help you sleep well.
  • Foods and beverages rich in caffeine, theobromine, or theine make it difficult to sleep.
  • If drinking a lot of fluids before going to sleep makes you get up often to urinate, avoid having soups for dinner or having sodas for dinner. It is a good idea to consume herbal teas to fall asleep but moderate the amount of liquid in which you prepare it.
  • Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages in the last part of the day. It is one of the most effective remedies to sleep well.
  • At dinner and before going to bed, avoid heavy, indigestible or very large meals.
  • Try not to eat very diuretic foods with dinner. Better to eat them at noon.

2. Learn to relax

Nervousness, worry, and stress are the enemies of quality sleep. That is why one of the most effective remedies to sleep well is learning to relax. A more relaxed body and mind make it easier to fall asleep as well as sleeping without alterations, at once, without waking up. Something key to an effective rest.

3. Prepare the environment to rest well

The environment is a key point to sleep well or not. But what measures help you create an environment conducive to sleep quality?

  • A quiet, cozy and orderly place facilitates a good sleep.
  • A quiet space helps you fall asleep.
  • Comfortable room temperature.
  • A comfortable bed to avoid aches and pains that could make relaxation difficult.
  • The lack of light contributes to falling asleep faster.

4. Follow a routine to fall asleep

Routines are key to getting a good night’s sleep. Keep some similar schedules to go to bed favors sleep. Follow the same actions each night before bed will help you fall asleep quickly and stay asleep through the night. By getting used to a specific routine, the body perceives that it is preparing to sleep . And this makes, in turn, relax and prepare the body and mind for it.

5. Do physical exercise … but not at any time

Practicing physical exercise on a regular basis makes the body’s processes for falling asleep work better. It does not have to be an intense exercise, but it is advisable to wear a active life and spend time outdoors. These are some good remedies to sleep well.

Of course, it is not convenient to do it in the last part of the day. You are not interested in activating your body shortly before the moment you want to sleep.

6. Avoid napping, one of the great remedies to sleep better

It is common to take a nap if at night you have not been able to sleep well. But that only contributes to the fact that when the night arrives again, the lack of sleep prevents you from resting normally again. If you really can’t stay awake, don’t let your nap exceed half an hour in length.


Follow these remedies to sleep well and you will notice how fall asleep and sleep straight it’s easier for you. You can combine them with the consumption of food supplements to improve your quality of life from for a more effective result . And enjoy the health and wellness benefits of getting a good night’s sleep!


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