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Immune System In The Elderly

Immune system in the elderly: how to strengthen it?

With the arrival of autumn the need for strengthen defenses against infections, contagions, colds and other health problems.

Older people are especially vulnerable to infections like the flu or pneumonia. Therefore, strengthening the immune system in older people is necessary for a stronger organism in the face of these threats. Discover some keys to get it!

Immune system in the elderly: 5 steps to strengthen it

1. The importance of a balanced diet

Much of the strength of the immune system depends on the nutritional contribution that the body receives. A healthy and balanced diet must contain the vitamins, minerals and trace elements necessary for its proper functioning.

The problem, when it comes to taking care of the immune system in the elderly, is that in many cases it happens that the lack of appetite and the gradual loss of the sense of taste causes them to eat less and to be poorly nourished.

The alternative to a balanced diet is to provide an extra supply of nutrients in the form of food supplements such as vitamin C, zinc, antioxidants or vitamin D are some of the most necessary.

2. Take specific supplements to increase defenses in older people

Currently science knows what elements and nutrients can increase defenses. Some examples are probiotics , the echinacea or the propolis , among others. In addition, there are preparations on the market that combine different natural products that improve the immune system in old age. They come already prepared in the right combination and quantity to be efficient.

You will find some of these solutions among the food supplements for the elderly by Robis .

3. Sleep well and ward off stress, essential in old age

It may surprise you, but sleeping well is one of the keys to strengthening your immune system. On the one hand, the rest that allows you to enjoy quality sleep makes the body stronger and requires less defenses to act as patches against external threats.

But, in addition, while sleeping they take place metabolic processes keys to the strength of the body. And at this time the immune system is also allowed a relative rest necessary for it to function fully for the rest of the day.

It is relatively common for older people to suffer insomnia or difficulty falling asleep . If this is your case, it is important that you take steps to solve it.

In addition to taking care of sleep, it is also necessary controlling stress , which alters the body and contributes to its weakening. Relaxation strengthens it!

4. Vitamin D, key to the strength of the immune system in the elderly

Vitamin D is not only necessary in the elderly to take care of the bone system. Its deficiency increases the risk of infections and that makes the immune system have to work harder to stop them, being weakened in the process.

Consuming vitamin D in sufficient quantity through diet is very difficult, so it is recommended to spend a time in the sun and drink vitamin D supplements what your doctor can advise you. These two pathways are essential to provide vitamin D to the body.

In autumn and winter, the climate and the reduction of hours of natural light make it difficult to synthesis of vitamin D through the sun . And even more so in the current situation in which states of confinement can make it difficult to sit in the sun. In that case, taking vitamin D supplements is the solution.

5. Staying active contributes to strengthening the immune system

He active aging it is positive in many aspects, physical and emotional. Among them, it contributes to improving the immune system in the elderly. Walking or doing light physical exercise helps reduce stress, improve mood, and prevent depression. Something that, in turn, contributes to the strengthening of the body’s defensive system.

Also, staying active helps good blood circulation . And this allows the white blood cells to be better distributed throughout the body. Movement also improves blood oxygen saturation, key to stronger and more active defenses.

Improve and strengthen the immune system in the elderly it is necessary to deal more effectively with infections and contagions. Follow all the steps to achieve it!

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