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Food Supplement For Sports Children

Food supplement for sports children: which one to choose?

The children have great nutritional and energy needs to face their normal development, physical growth and intellectual effort that studies entail. In the case of children who practice sports regularly, these needs are increased. Food supplements for sports children are key to providing them with the energy and nutrients their body needs .

Food supplement for sports children: what are the best options?

1. Royal jelly, an excellent nutritional supplement for sports children

The Royal jelly is a natural food supplement suitable to be consumed by children . In fact, it is especially recommended for those who need gain energy and vitality . Royal jelly occupies a preferential place in the choice of nutritional supplements for sports children because it provides a high amount of nutrients, vitamins and amino acids in a small amount of product. That is, it is a concentrated, healthy and natural way of providing these essential nutrients to the child.

If any child benefits from the nutrients contained in royal jelly, this is even more interesting for those who require extra energy and vitality, as is the case of children who do sports regularly, and even more necessary when this effort coincides with the time of exams, since the intellectual effort made requires a greater energy contribution to the body.

The food supplement for sports children made of royal jelly, enriched with other nutrients such as vitamins and minerals They are a great choice, as they add the benefits of these to those of royal jelly.

2. Vitamin complexes with minerals

When choosing a dietary supplement for sports children, vitamin complexes or, rather, multivitamin complexes with minerals . Vitamin B 12 , for example, it is one of the most necessary to combat fatigue and tiredness, among other functions. It is especially necessary as a nutritional supplement for vegan sports children, since a vegan diet does not provide this naturally.

The vitamins of group B and vitamin C are those in which children who play sports have the greatest needs. But not the only ones.

Vitamin complexes for sports children are usually also reinforced with an important mineral contribution like iron, calcium or zinc, among others. This powerful combination of vitamins and minerals complements the diet of the child athlete without this implying having to make an excessive food intake.

3. Brewer’s yeast

Another of the best nutritional supplements for sports children is the beer yeast . It provides a protein concentration very relevant. Keep in mind that sporty children have high protein requirements. Older than any other child, who is already high. Among other essential functions for the body and for child development, proteins facilitate the oxygenation of muscle tissues.

In addition, brewer’s yeast provides a significant amount of B vitamins, so necessary for children and especially for those who spend extra energy. Its consumption also provides amino acids with powerful antioxidant action and trace elements. Among them, chrome, key to the metabolism of fats and sugars , that the child athlete needs to transform them into energy.

4. Essential fatty acids

Essential fatty acids exert an important anti-inflammatory action and are keys to tissue recovery . Something very important for sports children. In addition, they contribute to increasing calorie intake that children who play sports need in a healthy way, through good fats. This allows a significant saving of muscle and liver glycogen, so that the child has the energy he needs for his high caloric expenditure without affecting in any way his optimal development as a growing person.

Did you know that essential fatty acids are key to the brain development in childhood ? In the case of sports children, this food supplement provides other added benefits. Among them, as we have already mentioned, provide an energy intake that meets the needs of the child in a healthy way.

When looking for a good nutritional supplement for sports children, keep in mind that these are the best. It is important to remember that their energy expenditure makes them require a very high supply of this and increases their nutritional needs so that they need to supplement their diet. You will find those suitable for sports children in the catalog of food supplements for children from .

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