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Increasing Defences In Spring

Increasing defences in spring is essential. Would you like to know why?

Increasing defences in spring is necessary if you want to enjoy better health and well-being. But do you know why it is important to strengthen defences at this time of year? We are going to check out the main reasons regarding why the immune system needs to be strengthened during every spring season.

Why Increasing Defences in Spring is Essential

1- The Time Change and the Increase in Daylight Hours Affect the Body

Did you know that sleeping well is key to avoiding hormonal imbalances? During sleep, a great activity takes place in the secretion of hormones that are key to the optimal functioning of the organism.

With the arrival of spring, the increase in hours of sunlight can affect sleep. This is aggravated by the change from winter to summer, which further alters the winter routine. This often leads to problems getting quality sleep and the consequence is hormonal imbalances.

In turn, these can generate autoimmune diseases, as well as favour the appearance of health problems associated with hormonal dysfunctions. These occur even more in women due to alterations of the menstrual cycle, such as urinary tract infections, candidiasis or colds.

The defences help to deal with these problems with a strong body. At this time of the year, the body should often be taken care of with food supplements and probiotics that help increase defences in spring, complementing it with routines and other food supplements to sleep better.

2 – Environmental Allergies Multiply: Increasing Defences in Spring to Counter Them

Most environmental allergies to pollens peak in spring. For many people, the inconvenience they cause is a real problem. Rhinitis, sneezing, watery eyes, headaches and sore throats, nasal congestion…, among others.

Increasing defences in spring is essential to combat colds and help the body prevent the effects of allergies from weakening it and making it more prone to infections and illnesses.

3 – The Spring Climatic Instability Affects the Organism: Strengthen Defences Becomes Necessary

A characteristic of spring is climatic instability. Temperature changes throughout the day, and from one day to the next, said change can be very noticeable. The sun is already strong, and it shows on clear days, but in many areas the nights can still be almost as cold as during the winter.

It is common to leave home unprepared for the changes throughout the day, and the contrasts are also very noticeable between interiors and outdoor spaces.

These changes favour the appearance of colds and stress. It is common for late flu and discomfort such as throat irritation to appear. To combat them and prevent infections from appearing, it is necessary to increase the defences in spring.

4 – More Stress, Weaker Body, Greater Need to Increase defences During Spring

Lack of sleep and changes often generate stress. Changes in habits and the break from routine that spring brings with it due to warmer daytime temperatures and increased daylight hours also contribute to stress.

In addition, for many people this is a time of great physical and intellectual effort. For example, for many children and young people the final stretch of the course gets nearer and nearer, and so their final exams. Also, for many workers, it is a peak time of the year. Athletes are also included! There is a big number of sports that face the final stretch of their competitions in spring.

Physical and intellectual exhaustion combined with stress supposes the union of two of the great enemies of the immune system. To compensate for the weakening that stress and physical and mental effort can cause, it is necessary to compensate with measures that help increase defences in spring.

These are the main reasons why it is advisable to take the appropriate measures to raise the defences in spring. Good eating habits, the intake of prebiotics with probiotics and physical exercise help strengthen defences, as well as provide the body with the nutrients it needs.

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