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Fluid Retention

Dietary supplements to help against fluid retention

Fluid retention is a problem that not only has aesthetic effects, but is also a major health risk factor. important risk factor for health. It occurs when tissues accumulate an excessive volume of fluids. Its causes may be diverse: renal or hepatic diseases or circulatory problems, among them.

Treating this problem and eliminating liquids is essential to reduce the risks associated with it. The specific food supplements specific food supplements are an effective aid for this purpose.

Best dietary supplements for fluid retention

Orthosiphon, a plant rich in flavonoids

The Orthosiphon is a medicinal plant widely studied and a recognized natural aid to eliminate excess fluids retained in the body. This is mainly due to its diuretic and depurative properties that contribute to the optimal functioning of the kidneys, favoring the correct elimination of liquids from the tissues.

It also has remineralizing properties. The latter are especially important for people suffering from fluid retention. The reason? By eliminating liquids, they can also be used to lose minerals necessary for the muscles that need to be replenished to prevent problems. Thanks to this property of Orthosiphon, it maintains the muscles with adequate mineralization to keep these tissues in optimal condition..

Horsetail to eliminate retained fluids in the body

There are different varieties and benefits of Horsetail. It is a very effective plant to combat fluid retention, in particular the species Equisetum arvense L. The effectiveness of this medicinal plant is due to its great richness in flavonoids, saponosides and potassium. flavonoids, saponosides and potassium. which contribute to an increase in urine elimination. It is estimated that with regular consumption of this food supplement the following can be achieved eliminating an average of 30 % more fluids through urine. You have it available in different ways, for example in Robis we have it as one of the ingredients of our Drena Robis infusion based on Horsetail.

Its diuretic and depurative properties promote the elimination of retained elimination of retained liquids. But as in the case of Orthosiphon, there is another particularity that makes Horsetail a recommended food supplement for this ailment: its properties. remineralizers.

Corn stigmas, an effective natural diuretic

Among the interesting and effective natural products against fluid retention are corn stigmas. Corn stigmas are nothing more than those hair-like fibers that corn husks have. Well, this part of the plant is very rich in pantothenic acid and in addition, it is a potent natural diuretic that helps to prevent water retention..

Maize stigmas contain a significant concentration of iodine, which is iodine. This helps eliminate toxins accumulated in the body while eliminating liquids. That is why it is a effective natural cleanser. As it also helps to reduce swelling and has anti-inflammatory properties, it contributes to solve other problems associated with fluid retention, such as tired legs and the swelling of the lower extremities including the ankles.

Artichoke extract to purify the body by eliminating retained liquids

The properties of properties of Artichoke extract to end the retention and prevent the problems associated with this condition. It is a natural depurative and diuretic product that is part of this group of part of this group of plants that help to drain. In addition, it naturally contains substances that help to to protect the liver and kidneys.

Boldo, a depurative and diuretic plant

It is common to find dietary supplements that include boldo among their ingredients for its purifying and diuretic purifying and diuretic properties. This plant is known for helping to eliminate those liquids that the body has retained and also helps to eliminate toxins, so it also helps to take care of the liver.

Dandelion to promote the elimination of liquids from the body

Another effective natural plant to help reduce the volume of fluids retained by the body by expelling them in the form of urine is dandelion. This helps to reduce leg swelling and body volume when due to fluid retention..

Many of these well-known natural substances for eliminating retained fluids in the body are part of the ingredients of food supplements. that contribute to their expulsion. You can find some of them in the catalog of food supplements at as the Drena Robis.

Remember the importance of consulting with your doctor the intake of food supplements for fluid retention. It is important to avoid contraindications but, above all, to identify the cause of the retention. You can then take measures to prevent the problem from recurring. To follow our tips and be the first to know, follow us on social networks or subscribe to our
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