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Horse Chestnut, Vitis Vinifera, and Taurine to Improve Your Circulation

Horse chestnut, Vitis vinifera, and Taurine are of great help to improve blood circulation. Each one of them by itself is already an effective remedy that contributes to the proper functioning of the circulatory system. As a whole, it allows improving circulation in a very relevant way.

Horse Chestnut, Vitis Vinifera and Taurine: How Do They Improve Circulation?

How to Improve the Condition of Your Circulatory System with Horse Chestnut, Vitis Vinifera, and Taurine.

Keep in mind that poor circulation has very detrimental negative effects. It causes discomfort such as leg pain, swelling, itching, and dry skin. It can also cause very harmful health problems. Some of them are even life-threatening, such as thrombosis or coronary heart disease.

The consumption of horse chestnut, Vitis vinifera, and Taurine helps improving blood circulation. You can find them in the form of food supplements at Robis.

However, it is always advisable to consult with a health specialist to determine if its consumption is appropriate. Ask your doctor if it is a natural remedy compatible with your medication and if he/she advises you to take them.

But let’s see how horse chestnut, Vitis vinifera, and Taurine are beneficial for blood circulation.

How Does Horse Chestnut Help to Improve Blood Circulation?

Its properties, which have been studied and recognised, provide several improvements for blood circulation.

  • It has vasoprotective properties, which increase the protection and resistance of blood vessels thanks to its high quantity of aesculin, escin, vitamin C, and flavonoids.
  • It is a great circulatory decongestant; it helps to decongest the capillary vessels and promotes optimal circulatory return in our legs, which is key to relieving heaviness and pain.
  • It helps to avoid oedema formation by helping to prevent fluid from escaping from the blood capillaries thanks to its high quantity of aesculin and escin, which areduce the permeability and fragility of venous vessels.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties that improve the condition of swollen leg veins, as well as haemorrhoids.

How Does Vitis Vinifera Contribute to Improve Blood Circulation?

A large amount of the blood system-improving properties of Vitis vinifera comes from its high quantity of tannins and flavonoids. Although they are not the only natural elements of interest for this purpose, they are the two most relevant ones.

And what effects does Vitis vinifera have on the circulatory system?

  • It contributes to the strengthening of blood vessels and skin capillary fragility by improving their resistance, while improving the flexibility of the blood vessel wall, combating the hardening of the arteries.
  • It helps to combat venous insufficiency.
  • It favours the contraction of the muscle cells of the blood vessels, which is key to facilitate the venous return of blood from the legs to the heart. By doing so, it also improves the situation of people suffering from problems such as swollen legs or varicose veins by relieving heaviness, pain, tiredness, itching, or tension in our legs.
  • It helps to reduce the swelling of haemorrhoids and relieve the discomfort they cause.

How Does Taurine Contribute to the Improvement of Blood Circulation?

  • It increases blood flow to muscle cells.
  • Taurine is antihypertensive. It helps regulate blood pressure by decreasing the level of angiotensin, which is a protein that increases blood pressure.
  • Helps prevent arrhythmias by promoting optimal mineral transport between intra- and extracellular media.
  • It helps to avoid a Taurine deficiency, a problem that leads to the weakening of the heart muscle, which is one of the possible causes of heart failure.

Horse Chestnut, Vitis Vinifera, and Taurine to Take Care of Your Circulatory System.

The beneficial action on blood circulation of the Horse Chestnut, Vitis vinifera and Taurine as individual remedies is increased when all of them are consumed regularly. This will address circulatory system care and cardiovascular health protection more effectively, and lead to more noticeable improvements.

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