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Complementos Alimenticios Para La Vuelta Al Cole

Discover the top 3 food supplements for back to school

Leaving the holidays behind and starting the routine is as difficult for children as it is for adults. The responsibilities and tight schedules, combined with the reduction of daylight hours, and the logical change of weather.  All this causes the body to suffer and to need extra help to cope with these changes!

Robis food supplements, designed for the little ones at home, are the help they need right now. They will feel better, gain energy, vitality and enjoy strengthened defenses.

The nutritional needs of the little ones increase at the beginning of classes and the supplementation is the best way to prevent them from being deprived and receiving the help they need.

Most interesting food supplements for back to school

1. Royal jelly, one of the most complete food supplements for back to school

The enriched Royal Jelly for children is a complete aid for a healthier organism, stronger defenses and a better mood. It helps to improve vitality and provide more energy to the little ones.

The benefits of royal jelly are combined with those nutrients that complete these ampoules, which are easy to take thanks to their format and flavor. Propolis, minerals, vitamins and echinacea are also part of this food supplement for children.

Thus, it achieves:

To prepare the organism in order to assume a greater physical and mental energy expenditure.

Strengthen the immune system in order to cope with possible infections.

Contribute to the proper development and growth of the child.

2. Omega 3 for children, improves their development and intellectual abilities at the beginning of classes

Children starting at 4 years can take up to 600 mg of omega-3 essential fatty acids per day.

Omega 3 helps to improve the attention of the little ones and their cognitive function overall, as many studies have shown over the years. This is especially important in children with attention deficit, but not just for them.

In addition, omega 3 is one of the most necessary food supplements for back to school because:

– Improves the cognitive capacity of children.

Contributes to the proper development of visual organs.

– Acts positively on areas of the brain related to their learning ability and memorization.

3. Brewer’s yeast, the food supplement children need on their way back to school

Brewer’s yeast is another of the food supplements for back to school of the little ones at home. You just have to adjust the amount according to your child’s age, to provide the supplementation to the diet that they need at this time of high demand for their organism.

Among the benefits that brewer’s  yeast brings in childhood are those related to its richness in vitamins of group B. This is key for brain functions and proper development and growth, specially in the little ones. It also helps improve physical and mental performance. And it also helps reduce the risk of anemia. It also helps with digestion, improves gut health and strengthens defenses.

This makes brewer’s yeast one of the best food supplements for children. It improves development, performance, reduces tiredness and strengthens the whole body. Its something that the little ones need after the summer holidays.


These are three of the best food supplements for back to school offered by Robis for your children at this time of high demand for them. It provides them with the nutrients they need to nutritionally complete their diet and let them enjoy this moment without their health struggling, with the energy and vitality they need to be and feel good.

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