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What To Take Against Hair Loss In Autumn: Best Tips At Robis

What to Take Against Hair Loss in Autumn? The Best Supplements

These days, you’re probably noticing that your hair is falling out more than usual. This is an issue that occurs cyclically throughout the year, so you may be wondering what to take against hair loss in autumn.

One of the most typical times in which we have to deal with hair loss is autumn. The change from high heat exposure to a considerably lower temperature and reduced daylight hours affects hormone production, and this affects hair loss.

The intake of food supplements is a healthy way to improve our body’s condition and minimise the effects of seasonal autumn hair loss.

What to Take to Avoid Hair Loss in Autumn: the Best Supplements

Melatonin to Combat Hair Loss in Autumn

The change in the photoperiod or hours of daylight we receive affects the body in different ways. Some hormonal processes that are related to hair growth and hair loss are affected because the body secretes less melatonin, less prolactin and other substances.

In addition, the stress that tends to be generated at this time of year due to changes in lifestyle compared to summertime has also got some influence on this fall.

Given this, the answer to the question of what to take against hair loss in autumn is easy to find: melatonin.

B Vitamins to Stop Seasonal Hair Loss in Autumn

Another answer to what to take for hair loss in autumn is B vitamins. Mainly B8 (biotin) and B12. Both perform essential functions in order to keep our hair in a great condition, and they contribute to maintaining its structure and strength to reduce hair loss. That said, B9 vitamin is also recommended.

  • Vitamin B12 contributes to proper cell renewal, which allows new hair growth and maintains the strong structure of existing hair.
  • Biotin revitalises our hair, strengthening it and minimising hair loss in autumn.

You can find both in various food supplements on, the most prominent for hair care being the these capsules: Hair nails skin BIO.

Other B vitamins, mainly vitamin B9 or folic acid, are also recommended. This one stimulates hair follicles, so that it strengthens the hair root and hair, helping to prevent hair thinning.

Vitamin D Against Hair Loss in Autumn

Vitamin D supplements also help to prevent autumn hair loss due to the change of season and reduced daylight hours.

Zinc: Employed in order to Prevent Autumn Hair Loss

When considering what to take against hair loss in autumn, another key element is zinc. One of the reasons for its importance in preventing seasonal hair loss is that it helps to regulate hormone production, which, as we have already seen, is one of the keys to preventing this problem.

But this is not the only way in which zinc contributes to good hair condition. Another important aspect is that it helps the body to optimally synthesise keratin and collagen, which prevents premature ageing of the hair.

It also protects our hair bulb, which is key to preventing weakening, because a strong hair bulb reduces the likelihood of hair loss and promotes strong, healthy hair growth.

Iron to Prevent Seasonal Hair Loss

One of the most visible consequences of iron deficiency in the body is hair loss. It is not exactly related to seasonal hair loss, but hair loss is a symptom and consequence of a lack of hair.

In order to prevent the consequences of the change of season on the hair from being aggravated by a shortage of iron in our body during autumn, it is important to make sure that you are taking enough iron. Consult your doctor if you think your diet does not meet your body’s need for this element. This is even more important if you are a woman with heavy menstruation, as in these cases the loss of iron from the body tends to be greater.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps to moisturise our scalp and keep hair healthier, making it less vulnerable to the changes that often cause hair loss.

Spirulina: Used to Make our Hair Stronger after Summer

This contributes to the creation of a protective barrier for your hair, and it also stimulates the regenerative processes that allow our hair to heal and become stronger.

Now that you know what to take against hair loss in autumn, we hope that, by following these tips and having a balanced diet, as well as adequate rest, your hair will stay strong and healthy all year round.

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